Pictures show destruction at Aylesbury shop after ram-raid by attempted burglars

Pictures show the damaged shop in Aylesbury which was ram-raided by would-be burglars in the early hours of this morning (3 August).

By James Lowson
Wednesday, 3rd August 2022, 2:24 pm

The Co-op store in Jansel Square in Bedgrove has been severely damaged by offenders trying a ram-raid technique to steal money.

An attempted break-in last night has left the protective shutter ruined with large chunks of the shield now detached.

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Offenders ram stolen vehicles into Aylesbury shop in attempted burglary raid
Co-op in Jansel Square

Thames Valley Police officers have cordoned off the shop and tidied the scene this morning, but plains of glass can still be seen shattered across the floor.

This morning, the police force announced a group of offenders had used stolen cars to crash their way into the shop.

Officers believe the burglars were targeting an ATM and tills inside the store to steal money.

A current look at the scene

Ram-raids are defined as attempted thefts where the burglars use cars to try and break into shops.

Often this involves trying to crash into and smash a shop window.

One concerned Bedgrove resident contacted The Bucks Herald describing a chaotic scene.

When he went to Co-op for a closer look officers were still patrolling and investigating the surroundings.

One wrecked vehicle was still blocking the walkway often used by shoppers at Jansel Square.

The two photos obtained by The Bucks Herald were taken a couple of hours later after the Thames Valley Police had removed the vehicle.

A Thames Valley Spokesperson announced the force was using “various resources” in its investigation.

One witness told The Bucks Herald: “I went this morning and I saw this level of destruction, I was actually quite shocked.

"This is a nice area in Aylesbury where a lot of people shop.

"You can see that the whole shop is smashed up. It is quite a sight.”

Thames Valley Police has asked for witnesses to come forward.

A spokesperson added: “If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact Police via 101 quoting reference 43220343812.”