I took my dad to see Rick Wakeman at the Waterside - and it was excellent!

My dad is a huge fan of Rick Wakeman - in fact he always says that his dream dinner party guest would be the prog rock raconteur.
Rick WakemanRick Wakeman
Rick Wakeman

So when the opportunity came up to see the great man for ourselves at Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre it was a chance that we definitely couldn’t miss.

My dad lives in the north of England - so we always try and make any visit he makes down south extra special - I think it’s safe to say that this one is going to be hard to top.

Our seats were on the front row! Which did make me worry a little that Mr Wakeman would be looking us right in the eye as he delivered his witty lines and performed his piano odysseys.

But I needn’t have worried, when the lights went down it became clear that the intimate-feeling event was very relaxed, and the whole thing felt like chatting to a kind house visitor - albeit one who can play the piano incredibly well!

I won’t ruin the show by saying what Rick said, but he comes on and tells stories about the songs before delivering simply amazing performances. I’m not a prog rock fan, but I was blown away by stunning renditions of Merlin The Magician, numerous pieces by Lennon and McCartney and his finale - nursery rhymes in the style of great composers, which was mind-bogglingly brilliant.

Prog lover or not, if you get the opportunity to see Rick Wakeman go for it, he’s a national treasure, and he’ll make you laugh too.

And finally, dad joke alert: My dad said he was worried that our front row seats would give him a crick (Wakeman) in his neck - but they didn’t and he thought it was amazing! Happy days!

To find out more about Rick Wakeman - and his upcoming tour dates go to https://www.rwcc.com/

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