Aylesbury tells the world, Black Lives Matter!

On Saturday Aylesbury residents took to the streets to tell the world, Black Lives Matter.

Tuesday, 9th June 2020, 12:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th June 2020, 12:46 pm
Black lives matter

Imagine how sad, angry and frustrated you would have to be to protest through town during the middle of a pandemic.

Yet it's clear the strength of feeling amongst local people was too powerful to overcome the sense of fear surrounding Coronavirus.

And I can honestly say the demonstration on Saturday made me feel proud to be part of this community.

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More than 1000 people turned up to the protest

The whole day we hugely inspiring and educational.

Protestors and speakers at the event spoke eloquently, outlining their feelings and a path forward to help eradicate racism from the UK.

The protest was completely peaceful, conducted in a great spirit and well attended with an estimated 1000 attendees.

It was amazing to see how many young people were there to express their frustration over the state of racism in the United Kingdom.

The protests come as figures show the Met police are twice as likely to fine black people over lockdown breaches.

Organiser Hannah Louise said: "I'm still in shock and overwhelmed at the love and support everyone has shown, in 7 days we brought together a community from different backgrounds of all ages, think what we can with the right resources.

"We walked 6 miles without a hitch.

"We are already winning.

"The hard work has just started!

"I want my town of aylesbury to know I appreciate the support for the BLM movement

"This is not the end only the beginning.

"We are one!'

Protestors began in Watermead with speeches from Aylesbury Rapper Amari Jamz, ex Paratrooper Shaun Brown and Pastor Kane Dick who runs a church at Blueprint.

Speaking to the Bucks Herald, Aylesbury based rapper Amari Jamz said: "Thank you everyone who attended.

"The event was revolutionary and I hope this opened up everyone’s eyes.

To kick off proceedings, they engaged in a powerful set of speeches, they outlined oppression they had faced in their everyday lives and the sense of righteous anger at the killing of George Floyd.

Shaun Brown said: "As a former member of the parachute regiment, having served 17 years when racism was at its peak my emotional attachment to the current headlines is something very close to my heart.

"I feel so passionately that change needs to be made and must be made before any progression can happen.

"As a father of five my youngest being only 12days old I fear for the society they will be raised in.

"But together we can make our voices heard.

"Black lives matter."

The march went through Watermead, Buckingham Park, Bedgrove and Southcourt, and culminated in a series of speeches outside Metrobank in Market Square.

There was a huge series of chants of "we are one" which bounced around the bus station that were enough to raise the hairs on anybody's back as the march reached the end in Market Square.

Protesters were very lucky that the weather held right until the last minute, where a storm of biblical proportions came down with thunder and lightning while the march came to a close.

Congratulations on all who attended, there is hope for the future that we can eradicate racism in the United kingdom and the world.