Is it worth buying a lightweight travel stroller? Which are the best on the market in 2021?

Is it worth buying a lightweight travel stroller? Which are the best on the market in 2021? Is it worth buying a lightweight travel stroller? Which are the best on the market in 2021?
Is it worth buying a lightweight travel stroller? Which are the best on the market in 2021? | ShutterstockIs it worth buying a lightweight travel stroller? Which are the best on the market in 2021?

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A lightweight travel stroller may not seem like a crucial purchase - here’s who should consider it

You may initially think a travel stroller is a needless investment if you have a standard pram or buggy already.

However, the first time you try to stow a pushchair in a plane, lug a pram up tube station steps, or fit your buggy into a train’s luggage rack, you’re likely to see the merit in a decent, light-weight stroller. One that can be carried in one hand when folded up, or tuck neatly into a car boot over-full with other holiday accessories and luggage.

Invest in a light-weight travel stroller that is easy to manoeuvre, carry, and fold down, and you’ll be saving yourself from myriad unnecessary travel headaches (we speak from experience, as one ill-advised enough to travel to without a travel buggy to Spain for two weeks with a one-year old - it did not make for a stress-free holiday).

They’re also useful for town trips, if you want something lightweight to push, especially if your toddler is a part-time walker, getting on and off public transport, and car journeys.

If your child still naps, a travel stroller will allow them a comfy place to nap while you are on the move. They’re also easier on your back than a carrier, and, if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere hot, they won’t leave you and your baby overheated as a carrier or papoose can.

If travel factors into your life a great deal - be it car commutes, public transport, or plane travel, it is worth buying a travel stroller, unless you purchased your pram with weight specifically in mind. Most of us don’t, however.

Whether you want a travel stroller for a holiday abroad or you simply want something portable for everyday life, here are the best travel strollers available in 2021.

Frequent travellers may wish to invest in a travel cot or changing mat.


Weight: 6.2kg

Size: Folded cabin baggage dimensions* (52 × 44 × 18 cm / 20.5 × 17.3 × 7.1 in)

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg

The BABYZEN Yoyo2 is the most expensive travel stroller on the list and that’s for a very good reason.

Our testers found it to be the sturdiest, most comfortable travel stroller on the market.

It’s durable, comfortable to push, fully reclines, easy to clean, has a large hood and shopping basket and is stable enough to attach a bag without it toppling over. It also folds to be tiny and slips into the footwell of a car, meaning it takes up no boot space at all.

The BABYZEN Yoyo2 is suitable for children up to 22kg which is much bigger than other travel strollers, making it the only pushchair you need.

Additional accessories are available including a newborn pack and a Connect Stroller Extension Kit to attach two strollers together.

Joie Nitro Stroller

Weight: 7.52kg

Side: Folded Cabin Dimensions: l 35 x w 30 x h 109.5cm

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg

The Joie Nitro is a popular umbrella stroller that ticks every box. While it may not be the most stylish stroller on the market it is budget friendly, lightweight, sturdy, easy to fold and carry, has dual wheel suspension and even comes with a rain-cover.

Our testers found it to be a great option for occasional use and ideal for travelling thanks to the slim and easy fold.

Micralite ProFold

Weight: 7kg

Size: Folded Dimensions: H51.5 x W44 x D24 cm

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg

The Micralite ProFold is a stylish all-round stroller with a genuine one-handed fold, making it a brilliant option for parents travelling solo with a baby.

Whether you need to fold the stroller to jump on a bus, into a taxi, onto a plane or to tuck it out of the way in a busy café, the one-handed fold function is invaluable when you’ve got a baby in one arm and a pushchair in the other!

Our testers loved this pushchair but did find the ‘flip flop friendly break’ to be awkwardly positioned and easily kicked when walking.

Doona Liki Trike

Weight: 6.6kg

Suitable for: 10 months to 3 years

It’s an awkward stage of toddlerhood when little ones are too small to walk far but too big and independent to sit in a pushchair.

If you’ve reached this stage then the Donna Liki Trike is a great option.

This is the smallest folding trike on the market with a simple folding action. It can be taken onboard planes or easily stored on public transport.

It has sturdy dual steering for parent and child and comes with a large UV protection canopy.

Our testers found it to be sturdier than competitor trikes and were very impressed by the one-click fold function.

Cuggle Birch Stroller

Weight: 4kg

Size: Folded dimensions: L20, W16, D120cm.

Suitable for: 6 months to 15kg (approximately 36 months)

At just over £30, this tiny stroller is the cheapest by far and is a brilliant budget-friendly option. It has a sturdy steel chassis, five-point harness, linked brakes and dual suspension so it ticks all the safety boxes.

Our testers thought it was a good ‘cheap and cheerful’ option for holidays or occasional use, but it lacks a sun shade, doesn’t recline and has no shopping basket.

Silver Cross Jet

Weight: 5.9kg

Size: Folded dimensions: 18 x 30 x 55 cm

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg

The stylish Silver Cross Jet is a nifty little pushchair with an unusual folding system. It folds into a similar shape as a small suitcase so you can take it onboard planes and store it in the overhead locker.

While many travel strollers are very small when folded they cannot be stored in overhead bins due to their length - making this a stand-out choice for storage.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight

Weight: 10kg

Suitable for: Birth to a combined weight of 40kg

While the Joovy Caboose may not be the smallest or lightest stroller, it’s a fantastic option if you’re travelling with a baby and an older sibling.

Behind the front seat is a bench and stand-on board which gives a small child the freedom to jump on and off, sit down or stand up. It’s a sturdier and more convenient version of a clip-on Buggy Board with the added benefit of a comfortable seat.

It’s a great option if your older child is too big for a double pushchair but occasionally needs to rest or kept close in crowds.

Our testers warn not to be tempted by the cheaper, heavier version of the Joovy Caboose (i.e. not the Ultralight). They found it almost impossible to use due to the weight.

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

Weight: 9kg

Suitable for: Newborn to 15kg per seat

Travelling with two little ones isn’t always easy but the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo makes it easy thanks to the light and manoeuvrable side-by-side buggy.

With a width of just 73cm, the Nano Duo isn’t much wider than many single strollers but has full sized seats and a deep recline. It has a compact fold that’s ideal for travel and storing away.

This stroller is recommended for urban adventures but our tester found it to be great with uneven surfaces, cobbles, kerbs and even off-road.

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