Black Friday deals mattresses UK 2021: best boxed mattresses on sale, with discounts on Simba, Emma, Eve

Black Friday mattress deals UK: discounts on Simba, Emma and moreBlack Friday mattress deals UK: discounts on Simba, Emma and more
Black Friday mattress deals UK: discounts on Simba, Emma and more | Black Friday mattress deals UK: discounts on Simba, Emma and more

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Black Friday is upon us. It’s a great time to buy an investment item for less - here are the biggest discounts on leading boxed mattress brands

Boxed mattresses have been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and for good reason. Not only do they offer an easy out for those wanting to skip the awkward bed-hopping of in-store mattress shopping, but also convenience and quick delivery, and all without compromising on quality.

They are, however, an investment buy, which means it can be wise to wait until Black Friday to purchase - when serious discounts can be found on the premiere brands, meaning you can sleep soundly - literally - knowing you have paid much much less for an excellent quality mattress.

What deals are available for Black Friday on mattresses?

Black Friday proper falls on Friday November 26 this year, but the mattress market all already have their sales started.

Leading mattress brands such as Simba, Emma, Eve, Nectar Sleep, Brook and Wilde and Otty have started their discounts, and they are significant- up to 50% in many cases.

If you’re wondering whether or not to buy now or wait until Friday 26, it is something of a dice throw. There is a chance larger discounts will be announced on the day, but those deals are often more hotly contested (read: website queues and crashes) and may not be fulfilled as quickly.

This year, in particular, with Brexit-related supply chain issues, it may be wise to get in early - though of course we will be monitoring the sales, to ensure this article is up to the minute with the latest savings.

If you’re worried about buying a mattress without trialling it first, rest assured each of the below options come with a significant ‘money back guarantee’ trial period - usually 200 nights - so you will not be stuck with a lumpy mattress if you purchase now.

Best Black Friday mattress deals UK 2021

The Simba Hybrid® Luxe - 45% off

Was £1,699 for a double, now £934.45

Per our review:

Simba’s Hybrid Luxe mattress is supremely comfy.

It features a combo of foam and Titanium Aerocoil Spring-Comfort layers which, although make for quite a heavy mattress (you might need an extra pair of hands to carry it through your home), provides enhanced airflow and that hug feeling you get from a good quality mattress. Plus, a 100% natural wool top layer aids with temperature regulation, though if you run hot it might still be a little on the warm side.

The Hybrid Pro has a firm feel about it, so it’s a popular choice for those who experience back pain and individuals who require more support, and there’s absolutely no motion transfer, so you can snooze soundly even if your partner moves a lot during the night.


Super King: WAS £2,119 NOW £1,165.45

King Size: WAS £1,909 NOW £1,049.95

Double: WAS 1,699 NOW £934.45

Single: WAS £1,169 NOW £642.95

OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress

Was £799.99, now £479.99

Per our review

Sizes available: single, small double, double, king, super king, EU single, EU double, EU king, emperor

OTTY’s Hybrid mattress is a solid all-rounder that would likely suit most sleepers. Rated 7/10 for firmness (with 1 being very soft and 10 being very firm), it feels spongy yet supportive on your frame, and makes getting out of bed in the morning ever-more challenging.

It contains both memory foam for comfort (which it has in spades) and individually-sewn pocket springs to minimise motion transfer for – in OTTY’s own words – those sharing a bed with a tosser.

Temperature regulating properties – which our tester, who tends to run hot at nighttime, gave a firm thumbs up – help to prevent overheating by releasing heat through the perforated foam, and a removable and washable cover allows you to keep the mattress in tip-top condition for longer.

Emma Original Mattress - 45% off mattresses now

Was £699 for a double, now £384.45, Emma

Per our review:

Sizes available: single, small double, double, king, super king

Sleeping on an Emma Original Mattress is akin to (we imagine) sleeping on a marshmallow. It’s doughy and soft, yet feels supportive on your frame thanks to the HRX foam, which is intended to keep spines aligned.

A firmness rating of 6-7 out of 10 makes Emma’s Original Mattress a good mid-way mattress with medium firmness suitable for most people, with a few exceptions.

Made entirely of memory foam, it’s the lightest mattress we tested (23.4kg for a double), which made unpacking and positioning incredibly easy – even for a person on their own.


Was £749 for a double, now £411.95

Per our review:

Sizes available: single, small double, double, king, super king

Nectar’s Memory Foam mattress feels like a big, warm hug.

Its three layer foam construction (two of viscoelastic foam and a base layer of support foam) is designed to relieve pressure points and promote better spine alignment, whilst also providing that wonderful melting sensation you get with a good quality memory foam mattress.

It is rated 6.5 for firmness, so a fraction firmer than middle of the road, which means that it has those lovely spongy qualities about it whilst remaining supportive and allowing unhindered movement for combinations sleepers (and no motion transfer to the person sharing the bed either). In short: it’s suitable for most people.

Eve the original mattress - 30% off

Was £429, now £300

Per our review:

Sizes available: single, small double, double, king, super king

One reviewer on the Eve website stated, and we quote, that The Original Mattress feels ‘like the bed you stay in at a posh hotel’ and, actually, we couldn’t agree more.

It makes the mundanity of going to bed feel like an absolute luxury. You might even find an excuse to turn in a half hour early to enjoy it for just a little bit longer (our tester certainly did).

Its three layers of foam provide medium-firm support and a pillowy feel that cradles – and contours to – your body, allowing a comfortable sleep in most positions.

There’s very little – if any – motion transfer when a co-sleeper moves, and the ever-comfort foam layer, which is said to be 30 times more breathable than traditional memory foam, means you’re less likely to experience sleep-disturbing discomfort from overheating. It also has a removable and washable cover, which is a bonus.

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