Vale farm announces plan to build new wildlife reserve

The Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm and Eco Park has announced it is planning to build a new wildlife zone next year.
Pupils from East Claydon School visit the barn owls at Green Dragon Eco FarmPupils from East Claydon School visit the barn owls at Green Dragon Eco Farm
Pupils from East Claydon School visit the barn owls at Green Dragon Eco Farm

The farm based in Hogshaw is aiming to build a new British and European Wildlife Zone featuring birds of prey, red foxes, red squirrels and species of deer and reindeer.

The zone will support the protection and conservation of animals through education and experiences that will teach visitors about their habitats and behaviours and how to protect native environments.

Birds of prey that are likely to be on the site are the barn owl, the eagle owl, a long-eared owl, a golden eagle and a white-tailed eagle while other creatures that may feature in the park are fallow deer, wild cats, arctic fox and a pine marten.

Owner of Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm Ray Marzec said: “We want to diversify our farm, enabling more people to learn about and enjoy the natural environment and the animals that live in it.

“The new reserve will follow our farm’s ethos of conservation and sustainability and we will continue to promote healthier lifestyles through recreation, education and social play.”

Funding from the reserve will come from a range of sources including a crowdfunding campaign in which pledgers will be offered one-on-one animal interactions, membership vouchers and their names on walkways and plaques.

General manager of the farm Jay Wood said: “We are fortunate to have a fantastic visitor base that has helped make The Green Dragon what it is today, supporting our mission to conserve rare breeds, promote well-being and sustainable living and inspire people to enjoy the great outdoors and countryside.

“The natural next step is to celebrate some of our native British wildlife.

“Our naturalistic enclosures will enable visitors to view these wonderful animals, learn about their habitats and take home a positive message about what we can do about conservation.”

The farm has a target to reach 250,000 children by 2023 giving visitors first-hand experience of life outdoors.