Unluckiest pet names revealed

Is your dog forever at the vet? Has your cat used up most of his nine lives already? It could be down to his name, a recent study has revealed.
The unluckiest pet namesThe unluckiest pet names
The unluckiest pet names

An investigation by The Co-op Insurance looked at thousands of claims and found that Alfie is the unluckiest dog name.

Other unlucky names include Charlie, Bella, Molly, Ruby, Max, Archie, Poppy, Rosie and Daisy.

The 10 unluckiest cat names were Oscar, George, Alfie, Charlie, Leo, Molly, Max, Leo, Molly, Max, Willow, Harry and Henry.

The study also found cat owners are most likely to claim for road traffic accidents and dental issues, with owners of domestic crossbreeds more likely to claim than any other, followed by those who own a British shorthair, Maine Coon, Bengal and Siamese.

Dog owners are most likely to claim for ear conditions and lameness, with Labrador owners most likely to make a claim, followed by owners of crossbreeds, cocker spaniels, German shepherds and bulldogs.

David Hampson, head of pet insurance, said: “Regardless of the name of your pet, insurance to cover these eventualities can save you a lot of heartache and money.”

Top 10 unluckiest dog names

1. Alfie

2. Charlie

3. Bella

4. Molly

5. Ruby

6. Max

7. Archie

8. Poppy

9. Rosie

10. Daisy

Top 10 unluckiest cat names

1. Oscar

2. George

3. Alfie

4. Charlie

5. Leo

6. Molly

7. Max

8. Willow

9. Harry

10. Henry

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