UKIP triumphs in the Vale during historic European election win

Voters in Aylesbury Vale helped UKIP enjoy unprecedented success in the European elections.

UKIP was the most popular party among voters in the Vale, gaining 16,870 votes from the district, beating Conservatives on 15,051. Labour came third on 5,547, with the Lib Dems trailing in fourth with just 4,197.

The votes contributed to UKIP’s triumph in the South East ward, Four UKIP candidates including leader Nigel Farage were sent to Brussels, three Tory and one each from Labour, Green and Lib Dem. UKIP won the national vote, the first time a national election has not been won by the Conservatives or Labour in 100 years - and the first time a party with no MPs at Westminster has achieved such a result.


An Independence from Europe: 716

British National Party: 346

Christian Peoples Alliance: 289

Conservative Party: 15,051

English Democrats: 322

Green Party: 3,935

Harmony Party: 22

Labour Party: 5,547

Liberal Democrats: 4,197

Liberty Great Britain: 43

The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment: 216

The Roman Party.AVE: 49

The Socialist Party of Great Britain: 83

UK Independence Party (UKIP): 16,870

YOURvoice: 58

The number of ballot papers rejected and not counted at this election was: 132

Turnout: 35.3%