UKIP councillor Phil Gomm resigns from party

BCC Cllr Phil GommBCC Cllr Phil Gomm
BCC Cllr Phil Gomm
UPDATED: Former Bucks UKIP chairman Phil Gomm has resigned from the party.

Mr Gomm, who is also the chairman of the Thames Valley volunteer committee of Crimestoppers, announced his decision this morning.

The announcement comes just days after party leader Nigel Farage came to the Vale to support parliamentary candidates Chris Adams and David Fowler.

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During the visit Farage visited the site of the quashed Hampden Fields development, and saw first hand where HS2 would pass through Stoke Mandeville and Wendover.

It is believed that Mr Gomm will continue to serve on Bucks County Council for which he represents Aylesbury East.

His party profile on the council website lists him as ‘independent’.

Mr Gomm said: “Aylesbury East has been my homeland for many long years, including the whole of Aylesbury Vale and where I have many friends, family and business colleagues, it is our home together and in return the area has been very loyal to me and visa versa.

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“I feel I have learnt a great deal over the last couple of years as a county councillor and realise party politics can and does get in the way of resolving problems and issues for the best of our community.

It’s the individual person driving change locally that can make the difference, working and learning to work with those than can make the difference too is the key.

“Over the past two years I have worked hard, in my opinion, and will continue to do so, my attendance rate at BCC is one of the highest, considering I sit on two of the busiest select scrutiny committees, health and education and environment/transport/localities which includes many additional working and inquiry groups plus the Bucks and Milton Keynes Fire Authority.

“I believe I serve them well as they do me.

“If any resident has any concerns of my decision then feel free to give me a call but I can assure everyone I will continue to work hard and improve with as many positive outcomes as possible.

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“Many that know me, know that I’m a strong individual outspoken person for our community and with that at heart I went Independent.

“I will be standing at the next local district elections and who knows maybe MP one day.”

And Chris Adams, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Aylesbury came out in support for Mr Gomm, despite his decision to jump ship.

He said: “Phil and I are very good friends, we all wish him the very best of luck.

“He wanted to join the independent group and I support him, everyone has the right to do anything they want to do.”