Residents to be charged for replacement wheelie bins

AVDC wheelie binAVDC wheelie bin
AVDC wheelie bin
Householders will soon have to fork out for replacement waste bins under plans announced by Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Figures show that in a 12 month period 1,500 food caddies and 500 wheeled bins were damaged and had to be replaced, costing the council around £30,000 a year.

From April 1, residents will be charged £30 for a new bin and £10 for a caddy – what it cost the council to supply new items previously.

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However, householders will be excluded from charges for bins or caddies which have been set on fire or stolen, or for bins and caddies which are damaged during collections (around 3,000 food caddies and 1,000 wheelie bins were damaged by binmen last year).

The council will also not charge for replacement recycling bins.

Councillor Sir Beville Stanier, cabinet member for environment and health said: “The authority simply cannot continue to provide all waste containers free of charge.

“It is regrettable that we are having to introduce the replacement charge, but if we want to continue with our collections and improve our recycling rate we will have to make this charge.

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“There are a number of things people can do to make their wheelie bin last longer.”

Advice includes

> Numbering your bin makes a huge difference.

> It makes sure you get the right bin back after collection, and deters people from stealing it.

> Bringing your bin in as soon as possible after collection reduces the chance that it’ll be taken.

> To prevent damage to your bin, don’t overfill it – both in weight and in quantity.

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> If a bin is very heavy or the lid is slightly open, it can get damaged when it is being emptied.

> Bagging rubbish before you put it in the waste bin, and cleaning the bin regularly helps to keep them in a good condition.

Up to £115,000 a year will also be saved by the decision to charge developers who build new homes in the district for providing waste containers.

Residents who intend to order their replacement bins from a third party supplier should contact the district council first to ensure the replacement is the correct specification as the council will also need to provide the appropriate branding.

If anyone has a problem with a broken, lost or stolen bin, they should call 01296 585510.

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