Anti-HS2 protest standoff continues in Wendover after four evictions

Activists have set up a fort to impede HS2 workers from completing further work in the woodland

By James Lowson
Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 10:18 am

Activists continue to disrupt planned HS2 construction work by Wendover after four members of their group were arrested on Monday (October 11).

Wendover Active Resistance (WAR) against HS2 protestors have dug tunnels and built structures stopping work on the site, next to the A413 and Chiltern Rail line south of Wendover.

The activists have built a makeshift structure which stands 15 metres tall blockading HS2 from the surrounding woodland.

The tower is 15 metres tall

Four members of their party were forcefully evicted, while a further environmental protester left.

Currently the standoff sees the crafty activists trying to evade capture from hundreds of bailiffs and security staff hired by HS2.

From makeshift platforms and climbing infrastructures within their tower, protestors have been posting videos on social media showing their living conditions and HS2 workers and cranes chainsawing trees nearby.

While videos have been uploaded to Facebook and Twitter from activists fortunate enough to have internet access, another group of protestors remain underground.

Protestors have fortified the woodland

This tunnel has been built over the past two years and protestors believe they can hold bailiffs and police officers off for weeks.

A WAR spokesperson said on its fundraising page: "The eviction is expected to last for weeks; at least for those who are burrowed underground.

"By causing this logistical and financial disruption to the HS2 project we are demonstrating our disgust for this land-grabbing, ecocidal project endorsed by our government and putting out the message loud and clear that WE DO NOT WANT HS2."

A Daily Mail report shows that protestors built a makeshift bar and kitchen within the tunnel, while fortifying the area.

HS2 has labelled the protestors as 'illegal trespassers' it is working to remove from 'dangerous positions'.

The most high profile WAR activist is Dan Hooper, better known as 'Swampy', who has been demonstrating since the '90s.

Previously he was arrested after occupying a HS2 rail link area last October, when he and several others built a treehouse to stop Bucks woodland being felled.

For now the protestors are still in Wendover continuing to drill their tunnel and sit atop their masterfully built treehouse.

No further arrests or evictions have been reported since Monday's breech.