Boots Advantage card holders in Aylesbury warned to spend their points before they expire

Boots emailed all its advantage card holders in Aylesbury and beyond today (31 March), warning customers points could be removed if they are not spent soon.

By James Lowson
Thursday, 31st March 2022, 4:54 pm

A change in company terms and conditions means that points will be removed from accounts that have not been used for 12 months.

Boots has halved this stipulation, previously customers had a two-year window.

The changes come into effect on 20 June, anyone affected must use their account before then.

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If you haven't used your Boots Advantage card for a while, make sure you shop with it before June 20

A Boots spokesman said: “Whilst it won’t impact you as a regular Boots shopper, we need to let you know that we’re updating our Boots Advantage Card terms and conditions.

"From 20th June 2022, we will remove Boots Advantage Card points from accounts that haven’t been used for one year, instead of the current two-year period.

"As long as you shop with your Boots Advantage Card at least once a year, your points will always be there ready for you to use them."

Editor-in-Chief of the financial company,, David Beard said: "Loyal Boots customers won't like this change.

"Boots isn't necessarily a retailer you shop with regularly, and many customers may not be in the habit of using their card every time they shop due to the frequency of their visits.

"To put a shorter time limit on one of their most loved benefits on the eve of the day many families' finances are set to be stretched could be a harmful move for the pharmacy."

Aylesbury customers can access two nearby Boots stores one in Hale Leys shopping centre and another in Walton Court Centre.