Aylesbury Local Elections review 2021

The Bucks Herald has spoken to the three main parties about their thoughts on the Local Elections.
What do you think of the results?What do you think of the results?
What do you think of the results?

The big winner on the night was Aylesbury's Conservative Party, who delivered 113 Councillors across Buckinghamshire.

This means they have a huge majority of 76.8 per cent.

The Liberal Democrats now have 15 seats out of 147, increasing their share of the seats to 10.2 per cent.

Did you get out and vote?Did you get out and vote?
Did you get out and vote?

All of the independent candidates grouped together make up 14 seats out of 147 - a 9.5 per cent share.

And Labour has just four seats out of 147 makes - 2.7 per cent.

In the Aylesbury constituencies, out of the 16 areas: the Conservatives had 35 elected candidates, the Liberal Democrats had 14, whilst Labour and the Green Party only had one each.

Speaking to the Bucks Herald. Cllr Steven Broadbent, Chairman of Aylesbury Conservative Constituency Association said:

“I would like to thank everyone who voted for our candidates across the constituency and throughout Buckinghamshire on Thursday.

"Our candidates worked incredibly hard, especially faced with the Covid restrictions in place, to convey a strong, positive Conservative manifesto to residents in their communities.

"This clearly resonated widely with residents and each of our successful Councillors look forward to working with their 113 Conservative colleagues to deliver for their communities and I know that our unsuccessful candidates will continue to work for their communities too.”

The Liberal Democrats said they were celebrating 'a fantastic' set of results.

They now have 15 seats in Aylesbury.

Anders Christensen, from Aylesbury Liberal Democrats said that the party was presenting themselves as the only alternative to the Conservatives in the area.

He said: "We are grateful to the residents of Aylesbury for their support in the biggest set of local elections for many years.

"These are fantastic election results for the local Lib Dem team and allowed us to win all the available seats in North, NorthWest, West and South West Aylesbury as well as one of the three seats in Aylesbury East for Buckinghamshire Council.

"Lib Dem’s are now elected to 13 of the 18 Buckinghamshire seats in the town and 20 out of 25 Town Council Seats. It is clear that the Lib Dem’s are the only alternative to the Conservatives in the area and the clear opposition to the Conservatives on Buckinghamshire Council.

"It is clear that our hard work and community focus is valued by our residents and this election was an emphatic display of support for the Lib Dem’s in Aylesbury.

"As a team we are passionate about our town and this level of support gives us a clear mandate to push for the transfer of local services, such as community centres and parks, to our local Town Council. Aylesbury is the only town in the County that is prevented by the Conservative run Buckinghamshire Council from running local facilities themselves.

"This is despite a clear track record of the Lib Dem run Town Council being able to deliver these services more efficiently and to a higher standard.

"The residents of Aylesbury where promised that these services would be transferred to the town as part of the change to the new Unitary council and it is time Buckinghamshire Council stops stalling and delivers on the promises made."

The Labour party returned just four seats during this set of elections.

The Bucks Herald is awaiting a response from Labour on the Bucks elections result.

We spoke to the Green Party, who had one councillor elected in Aylesbury.

Gregory Smith, the only Green elected to the Buckinghamshire Council last week, stresses the importance of holding the Council to account over climate change.

He says: "Buckinghamshire Council's Climate Strategy is seriously flawed. It has no vision for a net-zero carbon Buckinghamshire.

"It only addresses activities directly controlled by the Council and even there the target date is far too late.

"I want to work with the Conservatives to strengthen and help Buckinghamshire lead the fight against all the problems associated with climate change."

Here are the results across the Aylesbury Vale Wards:

Aylesbury North

Tim North: Liberal Democrat: 1,309 votes: 15 per cent

Raj Khan: Liberal Democrat: 1,291 votes: 15 per cent

Susan Morgan: Liberal Democrat: 1,262 votes: 14 per cent

Aylesbury South West

Waheed Raja: Liberal Democrat: 1,142 votes: 16 per cent

Mary Baldwin Liberal Democrat: 1,063 votes: 15 per cent

Niknam Hussain: Liberal Democrat: 1,032 votes: 15 per cent

Aylesbury South East

Sue Chapple: Conservative: 1,511 votes: 18 per cent

Denise Summers: Conservative: 1, 408 votes: 16 per cent

David Thompson: Conservative: 1,389 votes: 16 per cent

Aylesbury East

Mark Winn: Conservative: 1,547 votes: 17 per cent

Richard Gaster: Conservative: 1,232 votes: 14 per cent

Tom Hunter-Watts: Liberal Democrats: 1,121 votes: 13 per cent

Aylesbury North West

Tuffail Hussain, Liberal Democrat 1,174 votes: 15 per cent

Anders Carl Christensen: Liberal Democrat: 1,156 votes: 15 per cent

Gurinder Wadhwa: Liberal Democrat: 888 votes: 11 per cent

Aylesbury West

Steven Lambert: Liberal Democrat: 1,395 votes: 19 per cent

Sarah James: Liberal Democrat: 1,353 votes: 19 per cent

Adam Poland: Liberal Democrat: 1,124 votes: 16 per cent

Stone & Waddesdon

Paul Irwin: Conservative: 1,826 votes, 18 per cent

Ashley Waite: Conservative: 1,692 votes, 17 per cent

Mike Caffrey: Conservative: 1,515 votes: 15 per cent

Aston Clinton & Bierton

Mike Collins: Conservative: 1,939 votes: 18 per cent

Bill Chapple: Conservative: 1,860 votes: 17 per cent

Julie Ward: Conservative: 1,686 votes: 16 per cent

Wendover, Halton & Stoke Mandeville

Steve Bowles: Conservative, 1,572 votes: 17 per cent

Peter Strachan: Conservative: 1,426 votes, 16 per cent

Richard Newcombe, Conservative: 1,200 votes, 13 per cent

Buckingham West

Robin Stuchbury: Labour: 1,716 votes: 18 per cent

Caroline Cornell: Conservative: 1,545 votes: 16 per cent

Patrick Fealey: Conservative: 1,439 votes: 15 per cent

Buckingham East

Warren Whyte: Conservative: 1,385 votes: 18 per cent

Howard Mordue: Conservative: 1,226 votes: 16 per cent

Ade Osibogun: Conservative: 953 votes: 12 per cent


John Chilver: Conservative: 1,645 votes: 18 per cent

David Goss; Conservative: 1,595 votes: 17 per cent

Beville Stainer: Conservative: 1,311 votes: 14 per cent

Great Brickhill

Phil Gimm: Conservative: 1,889 votes: 17 per cent

Jilly Jordan: Conservative: 1,786 votes: 16 per cent

Iain Macpherson: Conservative: 1,664 votes: 15 per cent


Peter Brazier: Conservative: 1,834 votes: 18 per cent

Chris Poll: Conservative: 1,805 votes: 18 per cent

Derek Town: Conservative: 1,727 votes: 17 per cent


Ashley Bond: Conservative: 1,637 votes: 17 per cent

Diana Blamires: Conservative: 1,436 votes: 15 per cent

Peter Cooper: Liberal Democrat: 1,445 votes: 15 per cent


Gregory Smith: Green Party: 1,880 votes: 15 per cent

Cameron Branston: Conservative: 1,665 votes: 14 per cent

Nic Brown: Conservative: 1,541 votes: 13 per cent