PCC CANDIDATE PROFILE: Labour's Laetisia Carter

Public service is the name of the game for Labour candidate Laetisia Carter.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th April 2016, 6:00 am

She already represents Chipping Norton as a district 
councillor, and has worked for Thames Valley Police community liason officer. She currently works for the NHS.

And Mrs Carter, who was born in Oxford and studied at Liverpool University, believes that she is the right woman to fight for the service s that residents in the Thames Valley need.

She said: “I have direct experience working for Thames Valley Police and other Criminal Justice agencies.

“I understand the pressure, the fast pace and the breadth of the service delivered. I am passionate about justice and equality and involving the public at every stage of the process.

“I also understand the financial squeeze the police are under in the present climate as well as the importance of community policing to the public.

“I am a strong campaigner and am confident to both work in partnership and also challenge and question decisions to ensure Thames Valley 
Police are constantly improving and evolving to reflect the needs of the Thames Valley area.”

And Mrs Carter says she believes that the role of PCC must be done by someone who is politically in oposition with the Government.

She said:“I would relish this opportunity to represent Thames Valley residents in this role.

“I would use my campaigning spirit to get things done and put funding in key areas where it needs to be.

“The cuts are putting community safety, community cohesion and vulnerable 
people at risk as are cuts to many other public services across the Thames Valley area. My priorities would be to push back to central government and prevent the tidal wave of worrying cuts with better support/funding for our vital police force.

“A PCC from the opposition party would be strong voice for change,” she added.

Mrs Carter lives in Chipping Norton, and works for the heath service as a commissioner for mental health projects.

She also co-ordinated a campaign against the closure of local children’s centres in the area she serves.

This included speaking with the media, gathering sigantures on a petition and lobbying MPs and councillors on the subject.

She also appeared in media interviews in support of the campaign.