Farming Matters: Old tractor competition

If you have a vintage tractor in full working order that is still part of the working tackle on your farm there’s a chance to win £1,000.
Vintage Working Weekend Nr Gosberton Risegate
Tractors at workVintage Working Weekend Nr Gosberton Risegate
Tractors at work
Vintage Working Weekend Nr Gosberton Risegate Tractors at work

LammaXchange, a farming machinery classified website, has launched a quest to find Britain’s oldest working tractor.

Andin addition to winning £1,000, the owner of the oldest model entered via the company’s website, will be invited to display their tractor at LAMMA 2016 at the Peterborough Showground in January next year.

James Rickard of LammaXchange said: “We know there are a lot of very well used old tractors on Britain’s farms and we want to seek them out and tell their stories.

“Whether you use your old workhorses for yard scraping, mowing or checking your sheep, we want to hear from you!”

Mr Rickard says the quest is not only a salute to the well known ingenuity of farmers to fix almost anything, but also to the brilliance of Britain’s heritage in agricultural engineering.

He said: “Some of the world’s oldest machinery brands originate from Britian, from the era when we became global leaders in engineering and innovation.

“Who knows, it may be one of those early British made machines that wins!”

The competition is still running and is expected to close at the end of April.

So if you have a trusty tractor that you still use on the farm, and you fancy the chance to win £1,000, check out the website.

To enter go to to upload a photograph, the date of manufacture and your contact details.

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