District council elections 2015: Case for the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have a track record of working with local people to address real issues, like flooding on the Willows estate.
Lib Dem logoLib Dem logo
Lib Dem logo

They will work with you all year round to build a stronger economy and a fairer society.

Liberal Democrats have a plan for the future and will work with communities to develop a Local Plan for homes, jobs and infrastructure to share the benefits of growth. They will also support you in preparing Neighbourhood Plans.

Unlike the Tories, the Lib Dems will work to create jobs on affordable sites, growing apprenticeships and training for young people.

Steven LambertSteven Lambert
Steven Lambert

They will also speed up the delivery of high speed broadband across Aylesbury Vale.

The Liberal Democrats have run the Town Council for five years and proved they are good with your money. At the District they will tax residents fairly, invest in the right projects and review services to achieve value for money.

The environment is key for Liberal Democrats. They are committed to protecting the local area, improving infrastructure and getting the best compensation possible from HS2 for Aylesbury and the Vale.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that works all year round for you.

They will make sure services are devolved to the right group, use technology to help you have your say and work together to create the best Council for you.

Voting for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for common sense, helping build a District with a fairer society with opportunity for everyone.