House lights up in memory of Adam

A man whose brother was tragically killed by a heart condition is lighting up his home to raise funds for the hospital that tried to save his life.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 8th December 2016, 4:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:56 pm
Adam Jones, whose life was tragically cut short
Adam Jones, whose life was tragically cut short

Ryan Jones’ brother, Adam Christopher Jones, 16 months old passed away after he was born with a number of heart defects in 1987.

His death was caused by endocardial fibroelastosis, as there was no heart available for transplant in a suitable time frame.

At the time the Advertiser reported on the story, and how the boys’ father Nigel, magnanimously gave consent for Adam’s organs to be donated to a child in need after he died.

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We also reported how family and friends raised more than £6,000 to pay for a vital piece of equipment to monitor the oxygen in blue babies admitted to the paediatric unit at Harefield


Mr Jones, 29, who runs his own gift business said: “30 years ago this year, my older brother Adam sadly passed away from a heart condition he had from birth at the age of just 16 months.

“Harefield Hospital provided a great deal of support for him and my family and after his sad passing in 1986 over £6000 was raised in his memory for the Harefield children’s ward.

“I really want to give something back to the people who tried to save him.”

Harefield Hospital deals with heart problems, and is one of the largest and most experienced centres in the world for heart and lung transplants.

“Adam was in and out of the hospital for the duration of his life, before he sadly passed.

“I am privileged to have his name as my middle name in his memory and now with your help I would like to try and do by bit.

“In his memory my property has been lit with close to 3000 bulbs and some other unique effects for Christmas, much of this display cannot be seen in pictures and must be visited to be appreciated!

“We are in the bottom corner of Westfields in Buckingham, number 36.

“Please feel free to take a step through our magical archway and take a closer look at our display.

“The intention is to grow the display every year and hopefully continue raising money for charity.

“Donations can be made at my Just giving page: or if you are visiting the display cash donations can be made by putting the donation in an

envelope and popping it into our postbox on the wall next to the front door.”

Mr Jones senior, said: “It’s a lovely thing to do, bearing in mind he was born after Adam - he’s always been part of our family history, as a family we’ve always been aware of heart

problems - Ryan himself was always tested extensively, and he’s passed that on to his children.

“Through life we’ve wanted to support Harefield.

“They do fantastic work.”

To find out more about the Harefield Hospital you can visit

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