GUEST COLUMN: The Vale Lottery jackpot just got bigger!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of the local good causes which Vale Lottery supports. We got together for two reasons '“ to celebrate six months of this fantastic initiative and to share ideas on making it even better!
Janet BlakeJanet Blake
Janet Blake

Well, I’m thrilled to say, it just got better as, from this Saturday, the jackpot will increase from £20,000 to £25,000, and the amount going to local good causes will go up to 60p in the pound from 58p (pretty good, I think, when you consider the National Lottery gives just 28p). 
These improvements are possible because of our success so far.

Vale Lottery really is making a difference – so far more than £24,000 has been paid to our good causes and it’s on track to make a total of £60,000 (more than triple our initial target) by the end of the year.

Some groups are doing brilliantly. 
Carers Bucks are set to generate more than £1,200 this year which will fund a support group; just one of many examples where Vale Lottery is helping our communities.

However, we can’t rest on our laurels - not everyone is seeing such a return yet, and that’s partly why we got together so we could discuss how to attract those all-important supporters.

I know from personal experience that fundraising is a hard slog, and that’s why 
Vale Lottery can work so well. 
As the Great Brickhill Cricket club fundraiser said, endless effort goes into annual events which might raise a much-needed £1,000 or so, but they’re already on track to generate more than that through Vale Lottery.

So, please find time to visit, find a cause that’s close to your heart (there are currently 118 to choose from!) and start making a difference on your doorstop. 
And, fingers crossed, you may just win £25,000, or one of a range of other cash prizes. 
Be lucky!

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