FARMING MATTERS: The importance of an internet connection

Farmer using his laptopFarmer using his laptop
Farmer using his laptop
There are plans to improve rural broadband, and the NFU welcomes the help this will give to farming families, especially those in the most remote areas where much more needs to be done to improve internet and mobile communications.

We are fortunate in that we have fibre optic cabling in our area, and our son recently encouraged us to change our internet package and connect to this extra fast broadband. Personally I was happy enough with what we had, but our children always complained about slow internet connections whenever they visited from their town and city homes where they are used to an internet connection that appears to whizz about at extremely high speeds.

So we have made the change, but I am not entirely sure I have noticed any difference. This may be because the fibre optic cabling stops at the main road and does not come down our long farm lane, but as I’ve already said, we have a competent connection and we use it every single day for personal and professional reasons.

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I can’t imagine being without the internet now, it is such a fabulous way to conduct research and communicate with people.

It can only be good news that moves are afoot to provide this service to everyone in our country.