180 sacks of rubbish from Tring roadside during litter-pick

Waste King team up with Camiers Waste Management to clean up the verges and hedgerows

By Holly Patel
Thursday, 4th March 2021, 10:43 am

Waste King worked with Camiers Waste Management to clear up litter from the verges and hedgerows of roads close to both companies' headquarters in Long Marston, near Tring.

With the lockdown – brought about by restrictions relating to the coronavirus pandemic – producing a drastic reduction in traffic on the area’s roads allied to local road closures, Edward Frazier, the landlord of the Industrial Estate where both Waste King and Camiers are based, had the idea to de-clutter the area.

So, to carry out this good deed to benefit the whole community, he enlisted the help of the professionals nearby.

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Waste King team up with Camiers Waste Management to clean up the verges and hedgerows

With other local businesses supplying some of their employees to help clean up the area, under the oversight of Waste King and Camiers, the short, sharp litter-picking campaign produced 180 black sacks full of items ranging from fast-food packaging and cans to more bulky items such as car tyres and even toilets.

Glenn Currie, Waste King’s Managing Director, said: “In the end, we had to use Waste King’s biggest truck to take away 40 cubic yards of waste.

"As is our company policy, all of this rubbish was recycled safely, thus reducing the harmful effects on the environment.”

Andy Cattigan, Waste King’s Operations Director, said: “Glenn and I started Waste King some 14 years ago because we wanted to ‘do something for the environment’, so we were grateful when Mr Frazier asked us to help with the roadside clean-up around Long Marston.

"Thankfully, the local environment now contains a lot less rubbish – and, as spring begins, that will help nature, not just plants and animals but humans too, to flourish."