Aylesbury home evicted in suspected drugs line operation

Police officers believe the house was part of a larger drugs line.

By James Lowson
Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 12:30 pm

Police officers evicted the occupants of a home in Aylesbury yesterday (31 August), they believed was being used to deal drugs.

The Aylesbury Vale Stronghold team completed an investigation identifying the home as part of a county drugs line.

Officers believe residents of the home were being exploited, enabling others to supply drugs from the property.

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Thames Valley Police

The home has now been closed, a Thames Valley Police spokesperson says this will enable the exploited parties to take ownership of their home.

Originally, officers decided to partially close the building, but have since completed a full scale eviction, believing this is the safest way to protect the young person being exploited.

The Thames Valley Police says this will also make the wider area a safer place for the community.

When the police references county lines it is detailing organised crime, where phone lines are used to supply drugs. Typically, this sees illegal substances moved from cities into smaller towns and rural areas.

The closed property in Aylesbury

Officers say the use of vulnerable people, including children and those with mental health or addiction issues is common. These people can often be exploited into distributing drugs often referred to as ‘drug running’.

The police also warn of 'cuckooing' which they call instances when vulnerable persons homes are used as a base for drug dealers. The police advise dealers often convince the vulnerable person to let their home be used for drug dealing by giving them free drugs or offering to pay for food or utilities.