Can you help Dylan's fight against brain cancer?

Can you help Dylan Mitchell get life saving treatment?Can you help Dylan Mitchell get life saving treatment?
Can you help Dylan Mitchell get life saving treatment?
Jessica Mitchell is appealing to the great Aylesbury public to help fund treatment for Dylan, 7, who has aggressive brain cancer.

Dylan is 7 years old and has spent most of his life dealing with or actively fighting medulloblastoma, a particularly aggressive brain cancer.

Dylan stuns his doctors time and time again as he continues to enjoy life with his brothers and family and does not display typical signs of what was discovered recently: relapse of his cancer to the spine.

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He now needs urgent treatment on a trial called MEMMAT, which the NHS will not fund, and which will have to be delivered at Harley Street Hospital in London.

The treatment will cost £135k for the first year - with a downpayment of £20k on the 17th of April, 2019.

They are currently just shy of £5,000, but need to raise a total of £135,000 for the first year of Dylan's treatment.

If you'd like to donate to help give Dylan this new revolutionary treatment: said: "He's currently undergoing treatment with the NHS, can't fault them done everything in their power but they don't currently do this kind of treatment. They have been brilliant, as they always are."

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The new treatment, MEMAT, will be less damaging than Dylan's brutal course of chemotherapy, as the cancer treating drugs will bypass the blood brain barrier, resulting in a better quality of life for Dylan with more time out of the hospital.

The current course of chemotherapy is having devastating effects on Dylan's bone marrow, and the new treatments will allow Dylan to do the things he loves, tennis, swimming and gymnastics.

Jessica continued: "We've been so humbled already by the response to the just giving page. It went up on Monday and already people have donated nearly £5,000. The kindness of strangers has been really, really amazing.

"Dylan loves playing in the park, he has an amazing quality of life considering his condition. He doesn't really notice that he can't do as much as his brothers but we have noticed his development, he's effectively a four year old trapped in a seven year old's body.

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"His lust for life amazes me everyday, despite all the hardships he's been through he's full of life. We will never, ever give up on him, because he's never given up on us.

"We'll do whatever we can to get to the target, and whatever it takes to get him through."

Dylan has been amazing the doctors at Stoke Mandeville with his energy and passion for whatever he turns his hand to.

"We had to pin him down for a blood test today, and he was kicking and screaming - five minutes later he's back eating toast and just being a normal young boy. He's been through a lot but with your help we can give him the chance he deserves at living.

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We have previously covered dylan's story where Jessica hit out at 'toxic treatments' that stymied Dylan's development, and could have long lasting effects that would reduce Dylan's quality of life.