BREXIT: County opposition leader: 'We've gone from being the oldest democracy to the stupidest'

The ordinary working people who have come out to vote for Brexit in their droves will feel the pinch the most keenly - according to county opposition leader Avril Davies.
BCC Cllr Avril Davies ENGPNL00120130627121612BCC Cllr Avril Davies ENGPNL00120130627121612
BCC Cllr Avril Davies ENGPNL00120130627121612

Speaking after the election count this morning, the Lib Dem group leader expressed her dismay at the way the vote has gone.

She said: “Project fear doesn’t seem so far fetched now.

“Personally I am not going to be affected by businesses leaving, but if companies sell to Europe they may well decide to manufacture there too.

“The places that have voted the strongest to leave will feel the pinch the most, and puffing up their chests and chanting nationalistic slogans will not help.

“They have handed power to a whole load of right wing people who really have a whole other agenda, they don’t care about working people and they never have.”

She added: “There will be a stranglehold on all economic development from Swansea to the west. We’ve gone from being the oldest democracy to the stupidest.”

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