Another cat found beheaded in Walton Court

An aerial view of Walton Court, where the cat was found
An aerial view of Walton Court, where the cat was found

After three rabbits were reported mutilated last week, we've had a call from a lady whose beloved cat was decapitated and left for her to find.

The tail of the cat was also removed.

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Daniella King, who lives in Walton Court found her cat beheaded, with no tail and no blood around her on Friday July 13.

She said: "I found my cat beheaded with her tail cut off, and no blood around her last month.

This seems to be the 'calling card' of the UK cat killer's victims, who are usually left mutilated and displayed in public.

Daniella said her cat was left in the middle of her front garden.

"She was placed in my front garden for me to see.

"It must have been after my step dad left for work at 7.10am.

"I'm so lucky that I got back at 8:15am to find her, if I hadn't my four year old sister would have found her and that would have been extremely traumatic."

Another cat was found poisioned on the Kingswood estate over the weekend, but it is not believed to be the work of the U.K Cat Killer.

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