6 reasons to ditch high heels as researchers call for change

Researchers at Aberdeen University have said that more needs to be done to stop women being forced to wear high heels in the workplace after finding direct links between wearing high heels and injury.
High heelsHigh heels
High heels

The warning comes after the UK Government rejected calls for a ban on enforcing high heel wear.

Dr Max Barnish, who led the research, said, “From our review it is clear that despite the huge amount of evidence showing heels are bad for individuals’ health, there are complex social and cultural reasons that make high heel wearing attractive.

“We feel the UK Government should follow the lead of other authorities who have introduced specific laws to tackle this practice rather than simply relying on existing legislation which has left the situation in this country uncertain and open to misinterpretation.

“Also, this matter has in the UK been so far addressed through UK-wide equality laws. However, there may be scope for the devolved nations of the UK such as Scotland to consider introducing further measures under devolved health legislative powers.”

Enforcing high heel wear in the office was brought to attention earlier last year when London receptionist Nicola Thorp was sent home after she refused to wear heels at work. Ms Thorp subsequently launched a petition to ban the enforcement and attracted over 152,400 signatures.

So if your boss still insists on female employees wearing a pair of heels to the office, here are six ways that they could actually be damaging your health.