Hotline launched to keep Brits on track with New Year’s healthy eating resolutions

A new hotline has been launched to help keep Brits on track with their New Year’s healthy eating resolutions.

From Thursday 23rd January, life coach Rag Parkash and comedian Jimmy McGhie will be offering balanced advice to help Brits stick to their goals.

It comes after new research finds that whilst over three fifths (61 per cent) of the nation have set up resolutions for 2020, over half of them (57 per cent) find it impossible to stick to them, especially when it comes to healthy eating!

Not being able to resist the temptation of the smell of fast food has been cited as the top ‘motivation killer’ for a healthy diet (50 per cent), with over a quarter (31 per cent) finding healthy food boring and uninspiring.

Britons seem to especially struggle with achieving their healthy eating resolutions with over three quarters (76 per cent) admitting they have abandoned these goals in the past and a quarter (25 per cent) having already abandoned their healthy eating twice so far this year.

The research also reveals that Brits don’t feel confident enough to get through resolutions without a helping hand and almost half (45 per cent) admitted to wishing they had someone to support them through their resolutions.

Kallo spokesperson, Duncan Bull, said: “This research shows just how challenging it is for anyone to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, and particularly to the ones concerning a healthier diet.

“With that in mind, we have launched the Call On Kallo hotline on 23rd January in partnership with our experts, to help people stick to their goals.

“As the research has proven, a large percentage of Brits believe having healthy snacks on hand can really support their commitment to healthy eating goals.

“And with our range of rice, corn and lentil cakes, for example, Kallo can make achieving healthy eating goals that bit easier.”

Kallo commissioned the research, as it wants to help people become the best versions of themselves and encourage a healthier attitude towards food and wellbeing.

According to the research, the regions that are most likely to give up on their healthy eating resolutions are as follows;

1. Scotland

2. North West

3. Wales

4. Yorkshire and the Humber

5. West Midlands

The Kallo Hotline will be open for calls on Thursday 23rd January, from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm. Please call 020 3781 9377 for a chance to speak to your very own Kallo support squad and keep achieving your 2020 goals.

Kallo’s range of rice, corn and lentil cakes, stocks and gravies are made with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. Many products are made to a vegetarian and vegan recipe, gluten free, low in fat and certified organic too.