Farming Minister discusses recent issues with Aylesbury industry leaders

Aylesbury farmers were 'reassured' after discussing industry concerns with two MPs on Sunday

By James Lowson
Friday, 19th November 2021, 11:16 am
Updated Friday, 19th November 2021, 11:32 am

Farming Minister Victoria Prentis and Buckingham MP Greg Smith met with prominent members of Aylesbury's farming community to discuss industry issues.

Last week, the ministers met with farmers in Oving, alongside Councillor Philip Gomm who still works in the agriculture industry.

Aylesbury Vale farmers had recently raised concerns regarding livestock transport regulations and how travel times around markets are classified.

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Buckingham MP Greg Smith and Farming Minister Victoria Prentis with leading Aylesbury Vale farmers

Councillor Gomm advises that a solution was reached to both specific problems, which were the driving force behind arranging the meeting.

Farming Minister Victoria Prentis said: "It was a pleasure to visit Crossroads Farm in Buckinghamshire and meet with local farmers to discuss our plans to improve the welfare of animals during transport.

"Our proposals to introduce shorter journey times, and sensible measures to improve animal welfare in transport will bring about real improvements.

“We have listened carefully to concerns raised and I look forward to working closely with the farming industry to develop policies which will deliver good welfare outcomes.”

Councillor Phil Gomm, Buckingham MP Greg Smith and Farming Minister Victoria Prentis

Farmers felt specifics on livestock safety measures and how animals should be transported were unclear in new legislation, but believe this issue has been resolved.

John Watts, a farmer at Crossroads Farm, Oving, where the meeting took place, said: "We had some very serious concerns about how the British farming industry was not understood in terms of the way it operates. The minister listened to our concerns, which will help changes to be made in the future. This was very reassuring and it was a very productive meeting.”

Pete Surman, Les Curtis and Thame Market auctioneer Simon Draper were the other farmers putting their concerns to the MPs.

Buckingham MP Greg Smith, who organised the event, said: "It was great to welcome Farming Minister Victoria Prentis MP to Crossroads Farm alongside Councillor Phil Gomm to discuss issues affecting farmers.

"These included a new subsidy system coming in and regulations around the transportation of animals. Very positive conversation with the Minister listening carefully to a number of issues raised to take away for further consideration."