'Oh great, more burgers' Mixed reception over plans for new Wimpy in Aylesbury

Residents have reacted to a new fast-food chain opening next year.

Tuesday, 26th October 2021, 1:46 pm

People in Aylesbury have voiced their opinion about a new Wimpy restaurant expected to open at Hale Leys shopping centre in Aylesbury, in early 2022.

While some were pleased by the news and looking forward to reliving past dining experiences there, others were less enthusiastic criticising how “expensive” they thought a meal at Wimpy is.

One person was happy to be able to “have my Wimpy breakfast again”, while another person questioned whether the chain would be open past closing time at the shopping centre.

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Wimpy will return to Aylesbury on the right hand side of the High Street entrance to Hale Leys

Wimpy also has sites in High Wycombe and Bourne End.

‘Oh good, more burgers’

“Wimpy’s USP is nostalgia, not fresh tasty food,” one person wrote.

“Who would want to be excited about more fast food?” wrote another.

The iconic Wimpy logo

“Their food is rank,” wrote someone else.

“Oh good, more burgers,” wrote another person.

“Oh please, aren’t we supposed to eat healthily?” wrote someone else.

“Be great if they weren’t so expensive,” wrote another person.

Aylesbury's old Wimpy where Friars Square is now

“Last time I ordered from the Wycombe branch it was way over £50 for four burgers and mine was awful,” wrote someone else.

‘I’m so happy’

“I remember those days,” wrote someone pleased at the news.

“Yay, I can eat there,” wrote another.

“I’m so happy I can finally have my Wimpy breakfast again,” wrote someone else.

“I do love a Wimpy. May have to re-mortgage the house though,” joked another person.

“It could help the independents in the space get a few more customers,” wrote someone.

Another person asked: “Will it be open in the evening seeing as it’s going to be inside the Hale Leys centre which closes at half five?”