Wendover Nursery gains life-saving status

Wendover Nursery has achieved life-saving status just one year after opening.

By James Lowson
Thursday, 28th April 2022, 9:53 am

The centre has been given ‘Millie’s Mark’ after staff have undergone a period of training.

Millie’s Trust, a charity created in memory of Millie Thompson, who died after choking on food at a Nursery, when she was just nine months old in 2012, assess applying nurseries.

Now the nursery which opened in 2021, has the marker for the next three years.

Wendover Day Nursery receives Millies Mark

Millie’s parents Dan and Joanne Thompson founded Millie’s Trust and have campaigned successfully for changes to First Aid requirements for childcare providers.

Wendover Day Nursery, located on Aylesbury Road, is owned by CC Nurseries Group, three other settings the organisation owns were granted life-saving status.

Marston Day Nursery in Bedfordshire, Pied Piper Nursery in Glasgow, and The Pump House Nursery in Brentford also received the award.

“Millie's Mark is awarded as a special endorsement to childcare providers in England and Scotland that go above and beyond minimum requirements by having 100% of staff trained in paediatric first aid,” the charity says.

Deputy nursery manager Emilie-Louise George said: “Our team have worked incredibly hard over the last year to achieve Millie’s Mark.

“It’s brilliant to know that our team have the essential skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to deal with any issues we are presented with, and a great comfort to parents too. It’s also great to have transferable life skills which could also prove useful one day in our personal lives.

“We are extremely proud to be able to display Millie’s Mark at our setting.”

More information on the nursery is available online, enquiries can be sent to [email protected]