Thaddeus and Tetlah Butler celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary

An Aylesbury Couple are celebrating 60 years of marriage, in a relationship that survived even when they were oceans apart.
Thaddeus and Tetlah ButlerThaddeus and Tetlah Butler
Thaddeus and Tetlah Butler

Thaddeus and Tetlah Butler got married in Jamaica in 1960, and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 12 this year.

Thaddeus moved to Aylesbury in 1961, where he worked as a labourer at TRW for more than 25 years.

He was joined by Tetlah in 1962 - who initially worked at Hazel, Watson and Viney, then Askeys later in her life.

The Butler familyThe Butler family
The Butler family

They lived in Aylesbury for 45 years on the Prebendal Farm Estate, and had five children: Charmaine, Owen, Diane, Patsy and Silvia.

They also have six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

We spoke to their daughter Charmaine, who said the pair were an 'inspiration to us all'.

"They are so besotted with each other, even after 60 years.

"It's unheard of these days to be together for 60 years, but seeing them so in love is beautiful.

"They have such a strong bond.

"They came to England to build a family in the 60s, but have now retired back in Jamaica and are living the good life."

They now spend their time taking life easy, going on cruises and spending time on the beach.

Speaking to the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper, Thaddeus said the secret to a long relationship was 'understanding and trust'.

He said: “You must understand each other and you must trust each other.

"Now as a young person, everything has its ups and downs, but when you understand each other I am supposed to know what you don’t like, and you should know what I don’t like, so you wouldn’t keep on rubbing it in. Understanding is very important,”

He added that it was important to know your partner, in order to understand them.

To celebrate their 60th anniversary, they went to the beach where they live in St Catherines in Jamaica.

The family are also planning a big reunion in the UK during this summer, where all of the family will get together to celebrate.

Charmaine added: "They are honestly the best parents a person could wish for. Not once have they ever argued in front of us - they are a shining example.

"On behalf of the whole family, thank you - we all love you so much and huge congratulations for passing this momentous milestone.

"We all aspire to be like you both."

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