Two Aylesbury Vale schools celebrate 'Outstanding' Ofsted 2021 ratings

The schools set 'extremely high standards', the Ofsted report states

By James Lowson
Thursday, 18th November 2021, 12:16 pm

Two schools in Aylesbury Vale were awarded an outstanding rating by Ofsted which states both are 'highly successful'.

The Chiltern Way Academy campuses at Wendover and Bierton Hill both earned top marks from the independent inspectors.

Another Bucks school run under the Chiltern Way umbrella in Prestwood also received a stellar grade in its most recent inspection.

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Paul Coffey, head of Wendover Campus, with some very happy students

The Academy’s latest Ofsted report states that: "This is a very special school where pupils are happy to attend and it is safe to be yourself where expectations are extremely high.

"Despite being miles apart, the approach to learning and behaviour across the three school sites is highly consistent and remarkably successful."

The Chiltern Way Academy formed in 2016, chair of trustees, David Mortimer, commented on how the school group has grown, he said: "Since Academy conversion there has been a series of improvements and achievements, it is gratifying to see that Ofsted recognised this.

"However, it is important to point out that this is only the start. Ofsted commented throughout the inspection and within the report about our ambition. This was important to them and is hugely important to us. We have big plans for the Academy."

The campus in Aylesbury was opened just two years ago, Ian McCaul, chief executive officer, said: "Clearly we are very happy with this outcome, especially given the context of the last two years: Covid-19, opening our new Bierton Hill Campus and taking on a new and very challenging school in Wokingham.

"Priority-wise, Ofsted wasn’t even close to the top of our ‘to-do’ list, this makes the judgement all the sweeter. I am particularly pleased for our staff, they are heroes. They work tirelessly for these young people and were singled out during COVID by the education minister for their exceptional performance.

"It is heartening to see that Ofsted have reaffirmed what an incredible bunch they are."

Gary Regan, director of schools, was humbled by the enormous response from the parents and carers survey. He said: "Our report states that ‘Parents are overwhelmingly positive in their praise for the school'."

"More than one parent said that the school had been 'life changing for their child', another said that: 'Chiltern Way Academy is making the impossible possible'.

"Our parents and carers have played a huge part in our recent progress; it is stating the obvious to say we couldn’t do this work without them."

Ian added: "Ofsted recognised that ‘we are fierce advocates for the pupils we support’, what they didn’t say is that we are also incredibly proud of our pupils.

"They are the reason we do what we do and they are superb. Too many have had a bad experience of education, the system has failed them.

"Now they are an integral part of something successful and progressive, they want and deserve a better future, it is our job to ensure they get it."