Appeal launched to find owner of corn snake discovered in Aylesbury

An appeal has been launched to reunite a corn snake with its owner after it was discovered in an Aylesbury building yesterday (23 June).

By James Lowson
Friday, 24th June 2022, 4:25 pm

Today, Thames Valley Police officers dropped off a corn snake recovered in Aylesbury at Buzzard Reptile.

The Leighton Buzzard reptile and aquatics company is now hoping to get the snake safely back to its owners.

It is believed that the snake belongs to someone in Aylesbury likely living in the Meadowcroft area, where the reptile was recovered from.

Police officers kept the snake in a box overnight

The snake was brought over to the reptile specialists in a makeshift box and has since been rehomed in one of the businesses boarding setups.

Police officers discovered the snake in a building on the Aylesbury estate.

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£40k raised for national charity operating in Bucks for its 40th anniversary

Its owner is encouraged to get in touch with the Leighton Buzzard company by emailing [email protected]

The corn snake's temporary environment

A member of staff will then be in touch to validate and check the person calling is the rightful owner.

Corn snakes which originate from North America and are among the snakes most commonly adopted as pets in the UK.

It is a non-venomous breed of snake that is not considered dangerous, they can grow to about five to six feet.

Another picture of the corn snake

Buzzard Reptile director Mike Green told The Bucks Herald: “It doesn’t happen very often that corn snakes escape.

“They are quite inquisitive animals so when they get out they do move around and investigate.

"They are totally harmless, they are slender snakes, that are normally quite happy to be handled, they are less dangerous than a cat or dog to be honest.

"This snake looks to be in good health, a good size, a good weight, quite alert.

"It had been in police care in a box for probably seven or eight hours by the time it came to us.

"Not cold, but cooler, not quite as animated as such.

"It seems quite happy, quite healthy. Clearly it is an animal that is being looked after.

"It looks like an animal that has been loved and cared for and somebody, somewhere is probably missing them. Which is why I’m quite keen to get the word out there and find the actual owner, rather than rehome.”