106 year old Aylesbury carehome resident pens poems

Hilda Duncombe, 104, is currently residing at Bartlett Residential home in Stone.

Thursday, 3rd December 2020, 12:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd December 2020, 12:17 pm
Hilda Duncombe, 104

During Lockdown, shes found a new talent, writing poems much to the delight of other residents and care workers.

Hilda, who will be well known to Bucks Herald readers hit the headlines as she lead a charity walk for people with Alzheimers back in October.

You can read about that by clicking here.Hilda previously walked 103 laps of Bartlett's to celebrate her 103rd birthday and 25th anniversary of the Home.

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Her walk was also in memory of her husband Stanley Duncombe who was sadly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and whom she nursed for several years before he passed away in 2001.

Here are two of the poems that Hilda has written:

Merry Christmas -

Christmas at Bartlett’s is nearly here

And soon it will be another New Year

Decorations are all in place

Putting a smile on everyone’s face

Calls of Happy Christmas ring through the halls

Ivy and holly hang from the walls

So just as in the past

Days go by very fast

We shall sing a song of praise

For many happy Christmas days

And a New Year yet to be

Let’s hope it is Covid free!

Hilda also wrote a poem about Covid 19:

There’s a horrid little germ

Sure to make you twist and squirm

COVID-19 is its name

From the devil’s hall of fame

But maybe we can say hooray

For there is a vaccine from today