Aylesbury local to feature on Come Dine With Me next week

Ruth Golding, from Aylesbury will appear on the popular Channel 4 show
Ruth Golding, from Aylesbury will appear on the popular Channel 4 show

Ruth Golding, from Elmhurst will be featured on the popular Channel Four Show next Friday at 5:00pm.

An Aylesbury local will be appearing on Come Dine With me next week.

Ruth Golding, who works for the NHS, and is from Elmhurst has lived in Aylesbury for 37 years. She will be appearing on the popular Channel 4 show next Friday at 5:00pm.

She said: "I saw an advertisement at work - and signed up straight away. Luckily I got interviewed and auditioned and was told they wanted me to be on the show!

"When it came down to the selection process I was in at 5th reserve out of nearly 200 applications. I didn't think much of it then got a call out of the blue saying they had looked at my audition tape and wanted me on the show.

"It was fabulous fun - I had to take a week off work but it was no holiday! The schedule was really grueling.

"It's nothing like the final product you actually see on television. There are takes and takes and takes - It just goes on and on. It is very impromptu - but sometimes you have to repeat the lines and sort it is sort of scripted. It would be such a boring show if we all got on - they have to find something interest!

"You have to repeat bits when you just want to get on and cook ordinarily, it's very difficult to get the end product to come out as you want as they have to capture something that's interesting to watch.

"The food is quite often cold when it gets you because they spend so much time fiddling about with the takes!"

Ruth cooked Stuffed field mushrooms for starters, followed by a prawn and egg curry with homemade chapatti and saffron Rice. For pudding she did Toffee apple pie with Creme Anglais.

She added: "I wasn't nervous about going on television but the cameraman invade your house, there were a lot of them and lighting - they have to declutter your kitchen for logos and they ended up turning the who kitchen upside down.

"When we were finished on the Friday, I ended up sleeping all Saturday absolutely exhausted!"