Unique horror art show organised for special zombie satire film screening at new Aylesbury cinema

This recently opened cinema has a special viewing planned for later in the month.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 2:43 pm
Updated Friday, 18th June 2021, 9:04 am

Aylesbury s Funky Cinema, has announced a special horror screening for later this month.

The quirky movie theatre which opened at Walton Parish Hall earlier this month, is screening: Night of the Living Dead: The Brexit Version.

Accompanying the screening will be a selection of beautifully gruesome creatures at a pop-up art show.

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Aylesbury special effects artist, Mike Peel

Gory artwork is being provided by local special effects expert Mike Peel, from Aylesbury, who runs Rogue Creations SFX from his studio in Quainton.

Peel has worked on major Hollywood blockbusters including: V For Vendetta, Casino Royale, The Descent as well as Britannia (series 2) and Crypt Tv.

Night of the Living Dead: The Brexit Version, has been created to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the vote. It is a special, reworked edition of George Romero's 1968 zombie classic.

The story is now set to the backdrop of the 2016 referendum, where angry Remain voters turn into ghouls and go hunting for Brexiteers. This satirized version contains a combination of the original dialogue and custom subtitles to tell a brand new story using the same cast.

Funky Cinema's Marc John said: "We're delighted to be showcasing such a talented and esteemed special effects artist, who happens to be an Aylesbury man, but who most local people probably don't know much about.

"One of our goals is to drive local cooperation and create as many opportunities as possible for Aylesbury's artists and small businesses. We've also been pleased to give a platform to Patricia's Sweets, who has been providing budget-priced refreshments to our audiences. Working together for mutual benefit is great for Aylesbury's local economy and we hope to foster many more synergies as we move forward."

Having sold-out all tickets for its first anime film screening (the Oscar-nominated Mirai shown on June 5) Funky Cinema will show the gripping live action anime film Tokyo Ghoul in July, as well as the anime action film Promare. Screenings of new animation, Tom and Jerry: The Movie will projected across the summer school holidays.

A special 70th anniversary edition of Fred Astaire's Royal Wedding is scheduled for July, which will mark Funky Cinema's first dementia-friendly film event.

More information on the newly launched cinema is available on its website here.