Local legend John Otway to perform homecoming show in May after new album recorded on active volcanic island

John Otway is releasing his latest album, Montserrat
John Otway is releasing his latest album, Montserrat

John Otway will be returning to his birthplace of Aylesbury on 6 May to perform his new album, Montserrat

The people of Montserrat are incredible proud of their iconic musical status and when the Otway team arrived in the tiny seven seater plane they were greeted at the airport by the Premier, several members of the cabinet and Miss Montserrat.

Sir George, a.ka 'the fifth Beatle' who established the world famous 'air studios' in Montserrat gave his blessing to the project before he sadly passed last year.

In 1989 however, Hurricane Hugo effectively destroyed Sir George Martin’s Air Studios.

John Otway said: “We couldn’t use Air Studios because it was derelict from hurricane Hugo, but Sir George has a house in the North which used to have a soundproofed radio station underneath which turns out was perfect for the recordings.

“We really wanted to get it right, there is a huge sense of history in Montserrat, with Rolling Stones, Elton John, Clapton, Paul McCartney just a few of the big names who have recorded there.

“The last album to be recorded there was Steel Wheels by the Rolling Stones, before the island was ravaged by two hurricanes and an erupting volcano.

“Some might say I was the third natural disaster to hit the island!

“It’s sad because nothing has been recorded there since, and the place has an amazing musical heritage.

“We scoped it out last January – since the South end of the island is an exclusion zone because of the live volcano, the house in the North was just right.

It wasn’t cheap however and John began a crowdfunding campaign to help spread the cost of the new recording.

It was soon evident that there was enough interest in the project – and the kickstarter campaign raised £40k in just one month.

John added: “I wasn’t sure what to expect but we worked hard and got the job done. We wanted to get things right and come back with something that people feel was worthwhile.

“It was a big job, the band flew in from the UK, the producer from Canada, the amps from Miami and the fans from all over, but it was incredibly well worth it.

“Given the pressure and the expectations that you put upon yourself it’s amazing what you can do. Nobody wanted to let the side down and no one did.

“The reaction so far has been positive, and it’s been tremendous fun to make this record.

“I wanted to make a better album than Steel Wheels – and I did!

Tickets for John Otway's gig at the Limelight on 6 may are avaliable here: