Experimental fun from Structured Disasters this weekend


Up-and-coming promoters

Structured Disasters are back in Aylesbury to perform their latest experimental

concert this weekend.

After recent jaunts in Milton Keynes, Oxford and London, where they were the backing band for spoken word artist and percussionist James Worse, they are performing back in their home town at the Bucks County Museum on Saturday with new ideas and a new format.

This Saturday, eight performers will be playing music, painting and showing films.

The concert goes under the title Rack Screams, a name first used when the collective played at the Limelight Theatre in Aylesbury earlier this year.

The title is taken from the book by French poet and dramatist Antonin Artaud.

However, what is planned this Saturday goes beyond being a usual concert.

Co-organiser Mark Browne, who will play saxophones and show films on the day, explained: “Rack Screams will be an experience more like an exhibition or a theatre piece.

“We’ve made this free so that it can be seen as an extension of the museum.

“The audience can come and go, engage with what’s going on and visit the rest of the museum. There will be surprises, chance operations and the unpredictable”.

The emphasis is also on showcasing local talent.

This Saturday’s event will feature Adrian Dollemore, of the band Glockenspiel, playing effects-driven guitar as well as Spinecakes, Alec McGrory and Jake Mounsher contributing electronics-based sounds, painting from local artist Joanna Beck and percussion from Liam Jackman and Dan Gregory using found objects, junk and materials in creative ways.

Mark added: “It should appeal to anyone wanting something a little different, with an exciting mix of rock, jazz and noise sounds.

“It will be organised around an extended composition...and the composition promotes the emergence of smaller groups and soloists and is used to cue the start of each of the films and other events.”

It starts at 2pm and admission is free.