Video shows Aylesbury's newest Elvis impersonator in action

Adam set himself a post-lockdown challenge, to live out his dream by performing as Elvis, now it has become a reality.

By James Lowson
Thursday, 30th September 2021, 10:33 am

During lockdown Adam Miller, Aylesbury' s newest Elvis impersonator, decided he'd never get a better chance to live out his long-held dream.

Ever since wowing audiences at karaoke nights in his teen years and early 20s, the 33-year-old has always wanted to perform as the King.

He told the Bucks Herald: "I started performing at karaoke nights at pubs when I was 18-19. There was a pub in Bedgrove that had a karaoke night and it was a lot of fun.

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Adam Miller as Elvis

"I didn't think I was amazing, or anything special back then, but people seemed to like it. I was singing, Suspicious Minds, but what I was also doing was the moves, the hand gestures and dances.

"Because I was getting a good reaction, I kept doing it. There was one old couple who told me they used to come to the pub, as they liked watching me perform. After I'd gone on, they'd leave.

"I loved doing it and kept on going, but then there was a gap, when I turned 23, I became a father to my son Oscar, who is nine."

While life got in the way, Adam never stopped dreaming of one day performing as an Elvis impersonator on a regular basis.

Lockdown provided the perfect opportunity for the Aylesbury resident to really commit to making this dream a reality.

Adam, who still works full-time in payroll, was working throughout the pandemic from home and built-up savings while the country was closed down.

He said: "It really felt like now or never, putting together a plan to perform, and doing this really helped me through lockdown, having something to look forward to."

Financially committing to impersonating the rockstar, isn't cheap. When breaking down the overall costs of: lighting, outfitting, wigs, sound systems and other miscellaneous costs, Adam believes he spent over £1,000.

One way Adam was empowered to go for it and commit to this challenge was, the reassurance he's received from the Elvis impersonator Facebook community.

Impersonators from all over the world contacted Adam telling him to go for it, while also offering pearls of wisdom, on how best to start in the industry.

Since beginning in between national lockdowns, last summer, Adam has performed at care homes throughout Aylesbury Vale.

He wanted to start at care homes performing for free, both because this Elvis project remains a labour of love, but also to ease his nerves when first donning the white jumpsuit.

He added: "I've gone into care homes and been asked back, every one I've performed in has invited me twice. Which is a nice confidence boost.

"I've also performed at a 70th birthday, which was different, because you had younger people, people in their 40-50s wanting to get up and dance. They enjoyed it and danced and got involved."

Wedding performances are on the horizon, while Adam believes he is 60-70% of the way towards his long-term goal of traveling from bar to bar, performing across the country.

The next stage is improving the little things, which add to the overall Elvis experience. Adam believes he can do this by upgrading his costume and sound system.

Adam's love affair with Elvis started in his teens, he was channel flicking when he came across an Elvis documentary from 1970.

Watching the feature, Elvis: That's the Way It Is, Adam was transfixed with the Memphis legend's movements. He said: "Obviously, I'd heard of Elvis before, but I remember watching it and I just thought the way he moved around, his attitude, his singing was so modern.

"After that I really started to study and watch his films, even when I stopped singing his songs, I was still discovering new music from him. He recorded something like 800 different songs."

Adam is beaming with pride at what he's achieved in the past 18 months making his dream a reality. He said: "My colleagues, my family, are constantly asking how I'm getting on, what I'm doing.

"It's something that bit different. What I'd say to anyone is, if you've got a dream, then go for it. No one else is going to do it for you. If you've got the money and resources to go for it then do it.

"I knew I had to do this now, otherwise I'd always regret not giving it a go."

Adam can be contacted on Facebook here, for further information and enquiries about booking availability.