Local band record 'musical hug' in memory of guitarist's mum

New single 'Nothing' a comfort in times of loss, says bass player
The band's new single 'Nothing' is out on FridayThe band's new single 'Nothing' is out on Friday
The band's new single 'Nothing' is out on Friday

A local group has recorded a ‘musical hug’ in memory of their guitarist’s late mother.

The Zealey & Moore Band’s new single ‘Nothing’ was written several years ago after Ian Moore’s mum Eileen died of lung cancer.

But bassist Diz Minnett recently suggested it could prove a comfort to other people in times of loss during the pandemic. His mum has Alzheimer’s and he felt the sentiments applied to that situation too.

Most of the recording was completed pre-lockdown, but the four guys added new material remotely.

“The song was written as a kind of consolation - a musical hug if you like,” said Ian.

“It was also inspired by the memories of our lead singer John Zealey aged 14, laying in Bedgrove Park at night, staring up at the stars, trying to comprehend the end of anything.

“It could easily be interpreted as a spiritual song but it was never intended to be that, just a song of comfort.”

John’s son James on drums completes the line-up of the progressive pop/rock band, which is based in Aylesbury.

‘Nothing’ is available for download from Friday (April 9).

Listen now on Youtube at: https://youtu.be/2q4XLQXYGdc

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