Console Corner: Penny Punching Princess Nintendo Switch review

PPP looks amazing but the on-screen calculator can be annoyingPPP looks amazing but the on-screen calculator can be annoying
PPP looks amazing but the on-screen calculator can be annoying
Zany, wacky, maddening and cool RPG is fit for a Princess.

And now for something a little bit different.

An era has come when even a Level 1 pleb can defeat a tyrant as long as they have money.

That is the tagline for the hilarious and wackiest of wacky action-RPGs Penny Punching Princess from Japanese developers NIS on the Nintendo Switch.

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PPP is zany enough to carve out a niche of its own in a world increasingly littered with RPGs.

One thing you can be assured of if parting with your hard earned money for PPP is you are getting value for every penny (see what I did there).

The game is packed with hours of content and most of your time will be taken up learning how to best use your magic calculator abilities for maximum success.

The bribing system - which takes your opponents out of the game to your own advantage - is probably the crowning achievement, though.

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If you don’t like repetition then PPP may be a bit of a grind as I found myself getting frustrated going over earlier sections to unlock equipment and even re-doing entire levels that were just too difficult before leveling up.

Despite that there is no getting away from the face that PPP is a lot of fun.

To use a footballing parlance the game is hard but fair just be warned YOU WILL die a lot. My advice is take your time to pre-plan as this can save a lot of brainache along the way and enable you to finish levels pretty comfortably.

The gameplay behaves for the most part although the on-screen calculator can prove annoying and gets in the way at times. It looks amazing with a Gauntlet/Zelda vibe and a rock and roll soundtrack to match.

If you are sick of the same old games and want to be reminded that video gaming can still be fun then PPP is for you, just don’t expect to have it easy.

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