Aylesbury inventor launches new game to rival Scrabble this Christmas

Brand new word game 2 Way Words is set to be a bestseller

By Olga Norford
Monday, 6th December 2021, 3:13 pm
Updated Monday, 6th December 2021, 3:22 pm

An inventor from Aylesbury has devised a brand new word game which is set to rival Scrabble this Christmas.

Shaun Delaney, 64, of Bedgrove, describes 2 Way Words as a cross between Battleships and Scrabble.

Earlier this year Shaun saw a massive surge in demand for the new game in Europe, where families were facing yet more pandemic lockdown and uncertainty. As a result pre-orders were high, meaning even more stock was needed for the Christmas rush.

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Shaun Delaney has invented 2 Way Words, a brand new board game which is described as a cross between Battleships and Scrabble

Dad of three Shaun said: "It has been quite the journey getting everything ready, and this has not been an easy year for the supply of any items as everyone will know.

"But my stock of 2 Way Words has now arrived, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds."

2 Way Words, and the wider 2 Way Games concept, comprises a ‘Battle Grid’ where family members can take part in topical ‘duels’ using a number of separately sold expansion packs on topics such as flags or animals.

Shaun said: “I am so excited about 2 Way Games as the concept is simple, but really fun and engaging. The expansion packs also mean that players can use the battle grid to play a range of different games – for half the price

The game 2 Way Words is suitable for all ages

“Sadly earlier this year while the UK was getting a grip over the pandemic, parts of Europe were still very much in the midst of things. And this led to lots of interest in the game.

“But people more and more seemed to want to do something which engages with the family while they were stuck inside, rather than spend time scrolling on tablets or phones. And that was wonderful to see.”

In 2003 Shaun patented Jask, a strategy board game which requires common sense and general knowledge to triumph.

Jask became Shaun’s full time job and has been available in stores including John Lewis, Waterstones, Foyles and WH Smith, has licensing in Russia and New Zealand and the entrepreneur has also created travel and children’s versions of the game which have even been used in schools.

And 2 Way Games is a completely unique addition to Shaun’s Jask empire, and he believes that it is set to be a bestseller.

He said: “It has been a really hard time for everyone, and certainly a time for reflection.

"But I think that this is also inspiring people to have their best ideas, and 2 Way Games is definitely one of mine.“I am so excited to see where it takes us.”

Shaun already knows about triumphing over adversity, in 2009 he was made redundant from his role as a warehouse manager and realised that, in the financial climate of the time, he would have to think creatively to provide for himself and his daughters.

And that’s when he began working on the Jask concept seriously.

He said: “I was kicking around trying to find something to do and then I suddenly remembered that in 2003 I’d patented Jask.

“I’d forgotten about the game basically,but when you are made redundant you have to basically consider your options and I thought, I’ve done this and I want a change, I don’t want to be in a warehouse anymore, why not do this game and go at it that way.

“So basically I couldn’t find many jobs at the time, so I did other warehouse jobs which was 2pm until 10pm, which isn’t great hours, but it meant that in the morning I could then pursue Jask which is what I did.

“Then I got to such a point when John Lewis and Waterstones took it as well. I basically knew that I could do it full time, so therefore I could give up my job.”

To find out more about the new board game concept and to order go to the website.