11-year-old Tring singer songwriter hopes her latest song spreads positivity

Freya Skye's new single is a feel good and upbeat summer song

By Holly Patel
Friday, 9th July 2021, 9:34 am
Updated Friday, 9th July 2021, 10:50 am

An 11-year-old singer songwriter from Tring hopes her latest song will spread a positive message this summer.

Freya Skye, who attends Tring Park School of Performing Arts, started singing when she was four and began writing her own songs when she identified a gap in the industry for children and teenagers.

She said: "I understand the lyrics in a lot of songs now and I think some of them are not right for me to be singing, so if I write my own at least then I know it's appropriate for my age.

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Freya Skye (C) Dani Geddes Photography

"I want to be real and relatable for my age group.

"I get a lot of support from people and that really helps me, their reactions inspire me and spur me on.

"I am inspired by the support and kind messages people send me."

The family moved from Southampton when Freya got into Tring Park School of Performing Arts.

The singer songwriter hopes her latest song spreads positivity (C) Dani Geddes Photography

Her mum Sarah Jones said: "Freya's passion has always been singing, she started singing lessons when she was seven.

"Freya recognised that the songs currently in the charts were targeted at an older demographic referencing sex, drugs and explicit language.

"This encouraged her to write her own music for her peer group which was relatable, feel good and fun but not too childish.

"This is a breath of fresh air for parents of young kids, tweens and teens knowing that their children are listening to age-appropriate music.

Freya Skye's new single is out now (C) Dani Geddes Photography

"Freya was often singing along to songs without really understanding what they're listening to, and as a parent I was shocked on multiple occasions.

"I told her she couldn't sing those songs anymore as they were not appropriate for her age and she asked me what she could sing then, and I told her to write her own songs, and she did, and they're really good.

"Show Some Love' was her first song and it is a positive message about how we all look different but we are all the same and being kind, for that song she was inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests.

"She also had another song - Famous - which was about wanting to be famous.

"Her new song - I Love The Way - is out now and is a really good summer song, it's upbeat and positive and she has had an amazing reaction already.

"Freya is trying to promote that there are younger artists that are singing songs that are appropriate for them.

"In the last 6 months Freya has obtained a large social media following on Instagram from all corners of the world and has an extremely loyal fan base - both children and adults."

Over the next few years Freya wants to release more songs and continue working on her EP.

She said: "I really enjoy writing and singing and my fan base is amazing.

"I am really hoping to grow my Instagram fan base and hopefully do little concerts and meet and greets.

"One of my biggest dreams is to release something that everyone loves and enjoys and I want to perform at Wembley stadium.

"I would like to thank everyone that has supported me.

"I have had so many positive messages, a few negative ones but haters are going to hate and you can't let that stop you from following your dreams.

"I get so many sweet messages, they tell me I inspire them, but they also inspire me to keep doing this.

"Everyone's support has helped me so much and I'm really grateful."

You can follow Freya's journey on Instagram, YouTube or visit: www.freyaskye.com.