A quick interview with Superorganism - coming to a venue near you soon!

One of the buzziest bands of the moment - Superorganism are riding the crest of a wave where things just seem to keep getting bigger and better.

In life it’s always nice when the next time you do something it’s slightly better than the first - and for this genre spanning band - that success has come in the shape of a bus that you can sleep on!

Barely eighteen months into their existence the band have succesfully negotiated a US tour, which included an appearance with legndary host Conan O’Brien, and their latest single Something For Your MIND is exploding.

The band plays Oxford’s 02 Academy on October 30 (more tour dates below) and we caught up with band member Toucan to find out all about what it’s like to be part of the next big thing:

Q. So what’s next for Superorganism? You just did a US tour?

Toucan: We are back home, the Us tour was for a month and it was an amazing experience. Especially as this tour we had a bus, it was the cheapest on we could find - but it was great to wake up at the next stop and spend the whole day there. We also were able to do the Conan show.”

Q. It always feels dangerous being the ‘next big thing’ do you think Superorganism has the staying power to not just be a flash in the pan?

Toucan: I think our music does have a new sound, but I don’t think that’s just going to be a 2018 sound. I don’t people will say in a year’s time that that it’s a bit out of date. It’s pop music - with something more.

Q. There are eight members of the band who come from Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the UK - how does that work?

Toucan: We all live together in London and there is actually an eighth member of the band who doesn’t come out on tour with us - he does the visuals, so at the live shows there are only seven members. We do enjoy touring - although we are probably most at home in the studio. But what we’ve found is that it’s wonderful to see people’s reactions though and get to see the impact of what we’ve done in the studio and what it’s meant to people.

For example we recently played in Houston and a guy came up to us and said he went through a really hard time with the flooding there - and that our music had really helped.

To find out more about Superorganism go to www.wearesuperorganism.comTOUR DATES OCTOBER:

Monday 15 - Bristol SWX

Tuesday 16 - Liverpool Arts Club

Wednesday 17 - Belfast Limelight

Thursday 18 - Dublin The Academy

Saturday 20 - Glasgow SWG3

Sunday 21 - Sheffield Leadmill

Monday 22 - Leeds Stylus

Wednesday 24 - London Shephard’s Bush Empire

Thursday 25 - Manchester Ritz

Friday 26 - Cambridge Junction

Saturday 27 - Portsmouth Pyramids Centre

Sunday 28 - Brighton Concorde 2

Tuesday 30 - Oxford 02 Academy

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