Tia leads the way for Dacorum & Tring’s young stars at Watford meet

Tia Stonehouse, Dacorum & Tring ACTia Stonehouse, Dacorum & Tring AC
Tia Stonehouse, Dacorum & Tring AC
Dacorum & Tring AC’s young athletes had a fine outing at the second Eastern Young Athletes League match of the season, held at Watford’s Woodside Stadium.

The team finished second overall out of seven clubs, bringing home a number of podium places, new club records and personal bests.

The finest performance of the day belonged to U13 girl Tia Stonehouse, who threw a massive 29.80m in the javelin (more than 10m further than the second-placed finisher) to break the club’s record for the second time in as many weeks, and who now moves to first place in the UK rankings for the event in the U13 category in the year to date.

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Tia, a multi-event specialist, also took second place in the long jump with a leap of 4.41m and third in the shot putt.

Adam Jolly, Dacorum & Tring ACAdam Jolly, Dacorum & Tring AC
Adam Jolly, Dacorum & Tring AC

Such has been her progress over the winter that Dacorum & Tring’s multi-event coach Chris Styles says she’s on track to be one of the club’s strongest multi-event athletes ever.

Doug Greer, a former Team GB Paralympian and now a member of the club’s javelin coaching team, said he was really pleased for her and thinks she can get even more out of her throw with improved technique as the season goes on.

Also posting top results for the club were the U17 men’s 4x 100m squad, comprising Jackson Cowans, Chenna Okoh, Ben Collins and Dom Ashwell, who broke a long-standing club record to finish in 45.6 – two seconds faster than Luton in second place.

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As a team, the U17 men were the stars of the show, winning their age group with 134 points, ahead of Thurrock, in second with 112, and nearly tripling the scores of rivals St Albans, Herts Phoenix, Watford and Ipswich.

Dom Ashwell, Dacorum & Tring AC. Picture (c) Gary MitchellDom Ashwell, Dacorum & Tring AC. Picture (c) Gary Mitchell
Dom Ashwell, Dacorum & Tring AC. Picture (c) Gary Mitchell

The team won 14 of the 27 events and all the remaining finishers were second in their respective events.

There were standout performances from the sprinters, hurdlers, middle distance runners, throwers and jumpers: Dom Ashwell won both the 100m and 200m, while Chenna Okoh took the 400m and Matt Renphrey the 800m.

Jackson Cowans showed his versatility by winning the 100m hurdles and triple jump, Michael Fryer took an easy win in the pole vault, Noah Malancinas, Sebastian Wadlow and Ed Linnegar threw/putt the furthest in the shot, discus and hammer respectively, and Jackson, Ben, Chenna and Dom put in that record-breaking performance to win the 4x100m by more than two seconds.

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Adding to the U17 men’s achievements, Dom Ashwell (100m, 200m, 4 x 100m) and Jackson Cowans (100m hurdles, triple jump and 4 x 100m) won three events apiece.

Jackson Cowans breaks a club triple jump record. Photo (c) Gary MitchellJackson Cowans breaks a club triple jump record. Photo (c) Gary Mitchell
Jackson Cowans breaks a club triple jump record. Photo (c) Gary Mitchell

100m A: Dom Ashwell (1st), 10.9

100m B: Ben Collins (1st), 11.8

200m A: Dom Ashwell (1st ), 23.5

200m B: Ben Collins (2nd), 24.3

400m A: Chenna Okoh (1st), 50.9

800m A: Matt Renphrey (1st), 2.08.2

800m B: Rhys Rowlands (2nd), 2.17.6

1500m A: Vincent Murray (2nd), 4.30.6

1500m B: Joshua Van Heiningen (1st), 4.43.2

100m hurdles A: Jackson Cowans (1st), 14.6

Pole vault A: Michael Fryer (1st) 3.90

Long jump A: Chenna Okoh (2nd), 5.77

Long jump B: Daniel Hopper (2nd), 5.58

Triple jump A: Jackson Cowans (1st), 12.1

Shot putt A: Noah Malancinas (1st), 10.81

Discus A: Sebastian Wadlow (1st), 27.60

Discus B: Edward Linnegar (1st), 26.92

Hammer A: Edward Linnegar (1st), 17.45

Javelin A: Noah Malancinas (2nd), 35.15

4 x 100m: Dacorum & Tring (1st), 45.6

The U17 women also scored a solid third place, not far behind Herts Phoenix in second and well above Watford, Luton and St Albans.

100m A: Lauren Stay (6th), 13.8

100m B: Summer Clarke (3rd), 14.3

200m A: Amber Carroll (3rd), 27.1

200m B: Lauren Stay (4th), 28.2

300m A: Isabelle Amos (5th), 48.4

800m A: Isabelle Amos (4th), 2.36.8

1500m A: Grace Birdseye (2nd), 5.24.7

80m hurdles A: Amber Carroll (2nd) 12.6

80m hurdles B: Laurette Wenborn (1st), 12.9

Pole vault A: Jess O’Sullivan (2nd), 2.80

High jump A: Laurette Wenborn (4th), 1.45

Long jump A: Summer Clarke (5th), 3.66

Shot putt A: Lauren Stay (4th), 7.89

Discus A: Natasha Tenty (3rd), 21.70

Discus B: Summer Clarke (4th), 9.79

Hammer A: Natasha Tenty (4th), 19.84

Javelin A: Amber Carroll (2nd), 26.14

4 x 100m: Dacorum & Tring (4th), 54.2

The U15 boys battled a depleted team, with most of the boys in their first year in the age group, but still put in strong performances in the individual events.

100m A: Josiah Barker (7th), 13.3

200m A: Luke Burford (6th), 27.0

300m A: Thomas Malt (4th), 43.9

1500m A: Kristian Imroth (4th), 4.41.1

80m hurdles A: Josiah Barker (3rd), 13.7

High jump A: Thomas Wright (4th), 1.40

Long jump A: Josiah Barker (4th), 4.79

Long jump B: Ed Hopper (7th), 3.84

Javelin A: Jack Vera (6th), 18.31

Javelin B: Luke Burford (5th), 14.97

Overall, the U15 girls were third with 107 points, only one point behind Watford, out of the seven clubs, again with many girls taking on unfamiliar events to boost the club’s points score. Standout performances came from Talia Morton-Kemsley, first in the high jump and Alice King, first in pole vault.

100m A: Esme O’Connell (5th), 13.7

100m B: Leah Moh (5th), 14.2

200m A: Esme O’Connell (6th), 28.7

300m A: Isobel Aylwin (5th), 45.8

300m B: Hannah Tritton (6th), 50.9

800m A: Isobel Aylwin (5th), 2.39.5

800m B: Maddie Perry (4th), 2.43.0

1500m A: Indira Patel (2nd), 5.26.4

75m hurdles A: Talia Morton-Kemsley (2nd), 12.2

75m hurdles B: Serena Citro (2nd), 13.7

Pole vault A: Alice King (1st), 2.20

High jump A: Talia Morton-Kemsley (1st), 1.50

High jump B: Nellie Stephens (1st), 1.35

Long jump A: Talia Morton-Kemsley (3rd), 4.61

Long jump B: Esme O’Connell (4th), 3.72

Shot putt A: Jorja Douglas (2nd), 9.47

Shot putt B: Leah Moh (1st), 8.07

Discus A: Jorja Douglas (6th), 18.78

Discus B: Alice King (3rd), 16.63

Hammer A: Amy Wright (2nd), 22.24

Javelin A: Marianna Casal (3rd), 22.67

Javelin B: Rachel Stevens (4th), 12.05

4 x 100m: Dacorum & Tring (4th), 55.2

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The U13 boys posted a surprising and well-deserved first place out of the seven teams, with a number of personal best performances across both track and field events. Strong wins came from Adam Jolly in the 800m and Jamie Bailey in the 1,500m.

100m A: Finn Wightman (5th), 14.6

100m B: Dominic Burger (4th), 15.6

200m A: Fin Wightman (4th), 28.7

200m B: Daniel Stace (4th), 30.5

800m A: Adam Jolly (1st), 2.25.7

1500m A: Jamie Bailey (1st), 5.20.0

1500m B: Thomas Ashton (2nd), 5.55.5

75m hurdles A: Fin Wightman (2nd), 14.2

Long jump A: Daniel Stace (3rd), 3.86

Long jump B: Dominic Burger (1st), 3.49

Shot putt A: Jacob Phillips (2nd), 6.27

Shot putt B: Adam Jolly (2nd), 6.08

Discus A: Jacob Phillips (3rd), 14.86

Javelin A: Jacob Phillips (5th), 15.66

4x100m: Dacorum & Tring (3rd), 59.3

The U13 girls finished second overall out of the seven teams, with many of the girls in their first year of EYAL competition and undertaking events they’d not trained for to fill in for the team.

100m A: Milly Gall (3rd), 13.8

100m B: Alice Dibdin (5th), 15.3

200m A: Milly Gall (4th), 28.9

200m B: Issie Smith (7th), 32.0

800m A: Olivia Moore (6th), 2.59.3

800m B: Jess Benveniste (5th), 3.08.8

1500m A: Katie Barder (6th), 6.18.1

1500m B: Cailin Waddell (4th), 6.48.7

70m hurdles A: Megan Sullivan (4th), 13.5

70m hurdles B: Alice Dibdin (4th), 14.4

High jump A: Helena van Hullen (4th), 1.30

High jump B: Issie Smith (4th), 1.15

Long jump A: Tia Stonehouse (2nd), 4.41

Long jump B: Mill Gall (1st), 4.38

Shot putt A: Tia Stonehouse (3rd), 5.97

Shot putt B: Megan Sullivan (2nd), 5.80

Discus A: Cailin Waddell (3rd), 14.42

Discus B: Issie Smith (2nd), 10.90

Javelin A: Tia Stonehouse (1st), 29.80

Javelin B: Oliva Moore (4th), 8.50

4x100m: Dacorum & Tring (3rd), 57.8

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