Andrew Jordan shows age is just a number in his bodybuilding journey

Many people when approaching their 50th birthday, decide to wind down their physical activity as the aches and pains of getting older begin to take hold, but not Andrew Jordan from Aylesbury.

By Thomas Bamford
Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 12:15 pm
Andrew and Vince celebrating
Andrew and Vince celebrating

To celebrate his 50th birthday in April, Andrew, with the help of Gymfit4less personal trainer Vince Mwayi has turned himself into a award winning bodybuilder.

And Andrew wants to inspire other people to get in the gym to feel good about themselves!

After deciding to take training more seriously as he approached the big 5-0, Andrew took up personal training with Vince with a view to competing in bodybuilding competitions.

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Andrew said: "I wanted to try and compete in a few bodybuilding competitions to try and test myself as I approached by 50th birthday.

"I have been in the gym on and off over the years, but have really tried to up the ante with Vince with a view to compete."

And the hard work is paying off, as three weeks ago Andrew came fourth in the Natural Physical Association competition in Somerset.

Following on from this, last Sunday he also came second in the UK Drug Free Association competition too.

This means Andrew has now qualified for the UK finals in Coventry in October, where if he wins he could be on a flight to New York to compete.

He competes in the Grand Masters division which is for people over the age of 50.

Andrew says the health benefits of training have been numerous.

He said: "I honestly feel so much better and fresher. You get into a routine of going home and sitting on the coach when you get to my age, but getting up in the morning and going to the gym, I feel about 20 years younger!

"It has taken a bit of willpower, but if you get your head right anything is possible, mindset is so important.

"It's about not giving up, even on those days when you don't want to get out of bed. My only advice would be to get up, get the blood going and wait for the endorphins to kick in and you'll never ever regret getting fit."

And despite passing 50, Andrew says the body is coping well!

"Now and again i get a twinge but I've been really lucky so far. I actually used to have some twinges in my back and stiffness - but as a result of lifting weights that pain has completely gone."

The competitions are over three rounds where bodybuilders will do a routine including double biceps, backs, lats spread and a side chest pose.

Judges will then judge on muscle definition.

In the finals, the bodybuilders will do an individual routine accompanied by music.

Andrew trains twice a day in the lead up to competitions, cardio in the morning followed by a weights regimen.

He said: "I follow quite a strict diet leading up to the competition, mainly chicken, rice and vegetables which promote muscle growth.

"But as you get closer to the competition, you gradually reduce the carbohydrates and eat lighter proteins and just drink litres and litres of water to flush out your body of impurities.

"You don’t have to take up bodybuilding but everyone should make the effort to become more active and live a healthier life, you won't regret it!"

You can follow Andrews journey on instagram @a_jordan_fitness