Bateman frustrated after poor weather thwarts Aylesbury FC

Steve Bateman
Steve Bateman

Aylesbury FC manager Steve Bateman felt it was the right decision to postpone his side’s clash with AFC Hayes at the weekend.

The Moles were one of many local teams to fall foul of the weather, and that allowed Bedworth United to replace FC at the top of Division One Central in the Southern League.

Bateman said: “I went on the pitch when I arrived and with some work, we probably could have got the game on but there weren’t that many people around available to work on it, so I think the referee made the right call.

“It was frustrating because I had everybody available and we also had Ryan O’Toole, who’s not been available for the past three months, in the matchday squad.

“I’m looking forward to having him back because I think he can give us an extra injection between now and the end of the season.

“His goals ratio at this level wherever he’s been is good and he’s back and active with us now, so it was disappointing to get all the way there and not able to play football and then also see that Bedworth have taken advantage of the opportunity.

“It’s just something you have to deal with at this time of year. We’ve got 14 games left and plenty of time to play them, so hopefully we can get going again at the weekend and now it’s about building another run.

“If we have a run in the next 10 games like the last 10 then we’ll be well and truly in those play-off places and looking to see what else we can get from the season.

“But we’ve got something different to deal with now. We’ve been up and around the top of the table for a while now and teams will be a little bit more cautious but up until the Godalming game, we had found a way of getting a result in difficult conditions, and we’ll need to draw on that again.”

Speaking about his side’s defeat to Godalming Town last week, Bateman said: “It was clearly a disappointing result.

“On the day, Godalming were very pumped and played the difficult conditions well. The pitch was borderline on or off and they did the right thing - they put the ball into the right areas and asked questions.

“We had a lot of possession and in the first 10 minutes or so I felt it was a matter of time before we scored but then we conceded a goal from our own corner on the break and they grew into the game. The more we chased it the further it got away from us.

“It’s unusual for us to get beat in that way. We’ve normally found a way to get a result on any surface we’ve been faced with this season but we didn’t on the day.

“As I said to the lads, if you’re sitting top of the table at this time of year you’re doing something right and teams will come and set up differently against us.

“We saw it earlier in the week against Daventry - they were very hard to break down and were happy to sit in there and hope we made a mistake. It took us until the last 10 minutes to get the goal and maybe that’s a sign of things to come.

“The lads were disappointed because with Kettering not playing that day we missed an opportunity to go four points clear and it’d have been nice to see how they cope with the pressure.”