Aylesbury United players are free to go and play locally

Aylesbury United manager Ben WilliamsAylesbury United manager Ben Williams
Aylesbury United manager Ben Williams
With the Southern League season over, opportunities to play in local leagues may come up for the Ducks squad

Ben Williams has given his blessing to any of his Aylesbury United players who may go and seek some football at a local level over the next couple of months.

The Ducks’ Pitching In Southern League Division One Central season is over after a vote from clubs resulted in the 2020/21 campaign being curtailed.

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Aylesbury had made an encouraging start to the season and were sitting in fourth place after just seven games when the Covid-19 pandemic saw football at Steps 3 and below halted.

For the second season in a row, a null and void outcome is now looking most likely but the one thing that is certain is that the Ducks won’t be back in action until pre-season.

However, a number of local leagues across the country are putting on supplementary competitions during April and May to give players some much-needed match action.

And Ducks boss Williams hopes members of his squad take up any opportunity they get to go and play.

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“Obviously we know the season has been curtailed now,” the Ducks boss said.

“If it had been down to me, I would have liked to have continued this season next season but that’s mainly from a selfish point of view because we were doing quite well!

“But if there was to be another lockdown or something like that then at least most teams would have started from six or seven games played.

“It’s been a case of staying in touch with the players.

“We know some local leagues are running competitions in April and May and that will give some of the players a chance to go and play.

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“Some have asked me about it, I am sure some won’t but I have just told them to crack on.

“They have missed so much football and I have no problem with them going to get a game. “Technically, they aren’t my players anymore but some have asked me and I am more than happy with that.

“If they let me know where they are playing, I will go and watch and support them.

“Why should they miss out? It’s just nice to have the chance to get out and do something.”