TWO teenagers from Aylesbury s Maxwell Swim Club are set to make their international debuts next month.

Paul Turner (15) and Craig Gibbons (16) have been chosen to represent the Midland District in an international meeting in Luxembourg in January.

The duo got the call-up after swimming well in the Midland District Championships last year.

Maxwell head coach Janko Gojkovic, who swam at the Sydney Olympics last year for Bosnia Herzetgovina, has also been chosen to coach the team.

"There is only 16 swimmers going and there are 600 clubs in the Midland district," said Janko. "Selection is quite tough. They are very pleased."

Janko said the swimmers selection could be the first step to winning GB honours.

Aylesbury swimmer Tom Willdridge swam for the Midland District in 2000 and this year has been picked for GB Juniors for a meeting in Italy in December, he said.

Asked whether Turner and Gibbons hope to do the same, Janko said: "That s the ultimate aim. It s the first step to get there.

"Certainly, it s the beginning of the season and things are looking good, but there is still plenty to do. It will be international experience for them and, hopefully, they ll go on to better things."

Of his own appointment as team coach, Janko added: "This is my first international event that I will attend as a swimming coach rather than a swimmer.

"It is complimenting to know that both my swimmers and my hard work has been appreciated and respected."