Ducks to get new ground in Sports Village?

AYLESBURY United's exile from the town could end - if a multi-million pound 'sports village' in the Vale is approved by the district council.

In a week of revelation, Ducks chairman Graham Reed also ruled out the possibility of ever returning to the Ducks' old Buckingham Road ground.

Last week, the Herald revealed that Aylesbury-based martial artist Neil Axe has inspired a mystery property entrepreneur to build a 'Sports Disneyland' in the Vale, which would incorporate a 10,000-seater National Combat Sports Stadium and government funded Anti-Bullying Centre.

The proposed 50-acre site, which could cost up to 100million, would also allow the provision of other sports facilities, retail outlets and a hotel.

Now, we can reveal that Ducks' vice-chairman John Newman has been privy to these plans, and he this week confirmed that United would definitely get a new ground as part of the complex - if the council sanctions its development.

Newman said: "The project would really put the town of Aylesbury on the map. Before I first visited the local business man at the beginning of summer, I was not sure if a venture of this magnitude could really be achieved in Aylesbury. When I left his office, I felt sure it could be done.

"A town the size of Aylesbury should have more sporting facilities (and) should be able to support a Football League club - and that's where Aylesbury United want to be in the near future."

The club's ambitious vice-chairman outlined that the 'sports village' would effectively provide United with a new ground and would also accommodate a new clubhouse and training pitches.

Both Newman and United chairman Graham Reed have considered the option of a short-term return to Buckingham Road - with a view to revamping the ground for permanent use. However, Reed this week effectively vetoed any such action given United's current groundshare lease with Chesham United and Buckingham Road's current state of disrepair.

So far, all parties have remained tight-lipped regarding the identity of the Aylesbury Vale-based financier behind the 'sports village' project. It is believed the businessman currently wishes to remain anonymous until his company's shareholders give him the green light to proceed with the project.

Despite the hurdles of council approval and concrete financial support, the project has certainly raised hopes of a state-of-the-art facility within the Vale.