Funeral to be held for cricket stalwart and former Aylesbury umpire

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Stalwart cricket umpire Ron Jennings, from Aylesbury, has sadly passed away this week.

Well known to those in Aylesbury and the surrounding area, Ron regularly umpired local cricket matches right up until his 90th birthday.

His funeral will be held at Winslow Church on Thursday, October 13, at 3pm.

Friend Paul Hill left this tribute on Facebook: “This man spent nearly everyday of the week and weekends umpiring any cricket match that needed an umpire, he was everywhere. He was umpiring on a regular basis right up to his 90th birthday I believe, he would drive miles and miles just to make sure he got a game in somewhere.

“I first met this gentleman when I was 16-years-old, he used be an umpire for Aylesbury town cricket club, he also umpired for Kimble and I think he also umpired for Shipton under Wychwood also.

“He was always happy and carefree, not once in all the years of knowing him did I ever see him look sad or miserable, his glass of life was always half full.

“He was a lovely ol’ boy who always had a permanent smile on his face, a true gentleman.”